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The Low Down on Thread Vein Removal

Are thread veins causing you to feel embarrassed?  Do you constantly worry about their unsightly appearance?  Well fear not, for you are not alone!  Almost all of both men and women will be affected with thread veins at some stage of our lives, and although they are not deemed to be harmful in any way […]

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Treating Male Skin

The male grooming industry has never been bigger. The rise in non surgical treatments over the past few years has been well documented. Research shows that 52% of men worldwide feel their appearance is ‘very important.’ Finally, males have started to take an interest in looking after their skin, all be it many centuries later. It would […]

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Laser Hair removal for Men.

A few years ago, hair removal for men was still something of a novelty. Sure, a few brave souls would have their shoulders and backs waxed at their local beauty salon but that was about it. How things have changed! These days, hair removal is no more unusual than moisturising. In fact, according to research […]

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Makeup & Beauty Must Haves for Anyone in a Hurry

Do you find it a struggle to balance work, family and social life when your ‘getting ready time’ has been severely cut down?  For most of us it can seem impossible to find the time to look and feel our best but fear not! For we have the perfect products to help you look fabulous in minutes to ensure you […]

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Best face masks to keep your skin looking fresh and flawless!

You cleanse, you tone, and exfoliate 3 times a week (If you’re lucky!), you moisturize and that’s about it. You look at your face thinking “I need a bit of life”.. and sometimes you’re not really sure what to do with your skin. Then do you ever sit on the couch on a Friday night […]

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ACNE – GET AN EXPERT OPINION Acne is one of the most troublesome and common skin care problems for people around the world! As a teenager I was blessed with great skin, I assumed when real life started it would be the same – blemish free and beautiful. Except it wasn’t! At 37, I won’t […]

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