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Living with Eczema.

For those who can slather on a full face of make up in the morning and leave the house with a flawless skin, you are truly blessed. Many people suffer with hot, itchy skin, often associated with skin dryness, the skin is inflamed and irritated and even make up won’t conceal their misery, this condition, […]

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Are Chemical Peels worth it?

If you are looking for a relaxing treatment then this is not the facial for you!!!  This is a results based treatment – Customer testimonials over the years have been fantastic and we have a huge base of customers who return for this treatment on a regular basis. If you have any of the following […]

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2017 Beauty Newbies You Need To Get Your Hands On

New Year, new beauty products making their debuts in 2017.  Like many beauty buffs we look forward to the New Year to see what new products will become available for us to add to our beauty arsenal.  With so many new products being released each month it can be hard to decide which ones you should hit or miss. Take […]

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Laser Hair Removal Offers

The Beach Body Countdown has begun, so throw away your razors !!! For the month of March lower leg hair removal has been reduced from £160 to £120 per treatment when purchased as a full course of 6 treatments. *patch test required prior to first treatment.  

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Ditch The Razor In 2017 – Laser For Men

Pampering and beauty treatments have typically been known to be more of a female thing, even many beauty treatments – and salons – are still very much targeted towards women. But why is that so? Male grooming isn’t any different to that of a woman’s regime, men deserve to feel treated, and kept just as the next […]

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Your Beach Body Countdown – Laser Hair Removal

Here we are, nearly at the end of January in 2017, it’s crazy how fast time actually flies, before we all know it, it will be bikini season! So why not prepare now for that perfect beach body – and by perfect I mean hair-free! How fantastic would it be to not have to pack […]

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