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Best Eye Creams

The skin around our eyes can be very sensitive and can give away our precious secrets! No one would even notice how tired we really are if our dark circles didn’t tell them first! Puffiness and darkness around the eyes can be a sign of many different things, such as – lack of sleep, dehydration, and even stress! These are all issues that can be frustrating […]

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How to Calm an irritated skin

For those of us who have irritated, or sensitive skin, we all know it can become an even bigger problem at this time of year. With harsh weather conditions, our skin can react unpredictably- which isn’t very convenient. You will be pleased to hear that there are a number of ways to calm an irritated skin! […]

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Electrolysis, your questions answered.

Have you ever heard of electrolysis, or have you walked into a beauty salon and seen an advertisement for the treatment? Yet you weren’t quite sure what it was? Well question no more.. In today’s blog we will be talking about what electrolysis is, how the treatment works, who is suitable for it and everything […]

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Our Favourite Moisturising Skincare Products

   As Autumn is upon and there is a noticeable chill in the air often our skin can  change along with the changing environment. Our skin can react to changing seasons in a number of ways, and at this time of year in particular, it can become environmentally sensitised. It sounds a bit scientific doesn’t […]

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The Low Down on Thread Vein Removal

Are thread veins causing you to feel embarrassed?  Do you constantly worry about their unsightly appearance?  Well fear not, for you are not alone!  Almost all of both men and women will be affected with thread veins at some stage of our lives, and although they are not deemed to be harmful in any way […]

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Treating Male Skin

The male grooming industry has never been bigger. The rise in non surgical treatments over the past few years has been well documented. Research shows that 52% of men worldwide feel their appearance is ‘very important.’ Finally, males have started to take an interest in looking after their skin, all be it many centuries later. It would […]

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