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The Best Winter Skin Care Products

Winter weather can play havoc with your skin. The cold, wet and windy conditions can result in dry, itchy, cracked and flaky skin.  The wind sucks the moisture from the skin and hair leaving us battling to find the products to deal with the onslaught. The reason this happens is that the pores tighten up when the […]

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Start the New Year with Laser Hair Removal

Have you made any new year resolutions?  The five most common ones are very predictable: Join a Gym and workout more. Go on a diet and/or eat healthy food. Alcohol free January No more eating chocolate, once the Hero’s and Celebrations tins are finished. De-Clutter your home. Perhaps you have been considering laser hair removal, this […]

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Christmas Presents for her

Its hard to believe Christmas is just around the corner, it can be a manic time of year trying to fit in social events, shopping for  presents and fit in a hectic work schedule. We’ve out together a few gift ideas for the girls. At Beauty Haven we have gifts from as little as £3.99 for […]

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What are my options for Pigmentation Removal?

What is pigmentation? Have you noticed uneven skin tone, or dark brown spots on your face. The main reason for this is due to over exposure to the sun. The melanin that gives skin its colour gets stimulated by UVA causing the skin to react with dark patches, sun spots or pigmentation as its better […]

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My Night Time Beauty Regime

Everyone has busy lives these days, what with work, children, family, friends and looking after a home, not forgetting about walking the dog. There are never enough hours in the day, however a simple night time beauty regime has many benefits for the skin, hair and teeth. We all want to look our best and […]

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Banish Thread Veins

Thread veins, broken veins, broken capillaries, spider veins or as they are medically known as telangiectasia is a very common condition and are not harmful in any way. Thread veins can make you self conscious and cause constant worry about your appearance and covering up with make-up is an endless battle. These are tiny twisted […]

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