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My Night Time Beauty Regime

Everyone has busy lives these days, what with work, children, family, friends and looking after a home, not forgetting about walking the dog. There are never enough hours in the day, however a simple night time beauty regime has many benefits for the skin, hair and teeth. We all want to look our best and […]

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Banish Thread Veins

Thread veins, broken veins, broken capillaries, spider veins or as they are medically known as telangiectasia is a very common condition and are not harmful in any way. Thread veins can make you self conscious and cause constant worry about your appearance and covering up with make-up is an endless battle. These are tiny twisted […]

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Laser Hair removal for men … what you need to know!

Experts report that more and more men are opting for the same grooming regimes as women, laser hair removal being on of them. Men have traditionally coarser hair than women and a little bit of a lower pain threshold, however the technology has advanced so much over the past few years that many clients report […]

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Beauty Products for Sensitive Skin

What is sensitive skin? Sensitive skin is a common skin condition where the skin reacts to products that are applied to the skin. This could be in the form of face creams, body lotions, shower gels, perfumes, or aftershave. There are lots of products that could cause a reaction. A survey taken in the UK […]

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Skincare for the boys.

No one wants to spend longer than necessary getting their skincare regime right. I believe most of the ladies have got the timing down to a fine art. Practice makes perfect and  no doubt you guys will remember the first time you shaved – how long did that take? Whether its dry or wet shaving […]

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Product Review. Avance Elixer

This product is a must for improving the three signs of ageing – dehydration, wrinkles and pigmentation. Prior to using this I was using the Avance moisturiser Tri-Peptide Complex, the Elixer is a new supercharged version …. you need this in your life. This powerhouse formulation containing Mĕiritage™ and three peptide complexes helps to minimise […]

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