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The benefits of mineral makeup.

Mineral make up has many benefits, they are kinder for the skin and the ingredients are mostly organic, perfect for all skin types, they can be applied directly after skin treatments such as facials and waxing. The minerals allow the skin to breathe and are non -comedogenic which means they will not block the pores. […]

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Any skin condition which starts with a rash, redness, itching or bumps means you may have one of a number of different skin problems including Rosacea. The exact cause is unknown but early diagnosis and treatment for Rosacea is very important and will assist with the condition. The sooner you can start on a treatment […]

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Spotlight: He-shi tan

As there are so many tans available on the market, it is hard to know which one to go for. He-shi self tan is an express liquid tan which is fast drying with instant colour, making application that bit easier. It can be used on male or female for an instant bronzed look. He-shi comes […]

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Spotlight: Dermalogica Christmas Gift Sets

We have just recieved some gorgeous Dermalogica Christmas gift sets – it’s never too early! Beautifly packaged and great for any skin type. If you purchase a large Dermalogica moisturiser of your choice, receive 2 free travel sized eye products. If you suffer from an oily/combination skin Active moist is the perfect moisturiser as it is […]

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Cold & Flu Myths…

The weather has officially changed, and it’s becoming colder each day. Here are some cold & flu myths to keep in mind, as well as treatments that could warm you up on the coldest of days 🙂 “Feed a cold, starve a fever” According to pharmacists, you won’t benefit from eating more OR less! It is however […]

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Hair removal techniques – which method is best for you?

Excess hair growth is an age-old problem for both men and woman. We are living in an era where having  smooth, hairless bodies is almost expected of us. We shave, pluck, wax. use depilatory creams only to have to do it all again in a few days/weeks. Hormonal fluctuations amongst other things can of course […]

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