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Millions of people are embarrassed by their excess facial and body hair. If you are plagued by coarse annoying hairs springing back up as soon as you shave them off, or having to wait until the hairs have grown back with enough length to be able to be waxed again, electrolysis might just be for you. […]

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Top 10 Benefits Of Massage

We know massage can help you relax, but massage can do so much more than that.Here are 10 Healthy reasons to book an appointment. 1        STRESS RELIEF Life is stressful enough and it seems like things are moving faster and faster all the time, it is easy to get overwhelmed these days with so much […]

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10 Body Areas To Consider For Laser Hair Removal

HAIR REMOVAL !!  I can hear you all cry, I know the summer is packed away for another year, and we can all heave a sigh of relief that less body exposure   with the darker days, longer nights add in the cooler temperatures we all doubtlessly want an added extra  layer of clothing, are so called “protection” […]

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Head 2 Foot : Reflexlogy worth knowing

WHY REFLEXOLOGY? Well long ago in our history, people knew that massaging the feet had an effect on the body, and there is evidence from both Ancient Egypt, India and China that foot massage was used in those times as a treatment and cure. Other parts of our body exhibit these same reflex points but are […]

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Hair removal is a subject that is subject to debate as to which method is best, its something most of us have to contend with – from just a few stray hairs to a larger problem, most of us feel that we may have a couple of those wayward hairs and in my case was […]

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Growing Popularity Of Male Waxing & Why You Should Consider It.

Waxing used to be something only us ladies did, not anymore, as we find its certainly not the case today. It is estimated that as many as one third of all men get rid of their body hair regularly. In saying that long before waxing became popular with the likes of David Beckham and celebrities alike […]

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