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Our top tips for acne sufferers.

Our top tips for acne sufferers.

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At some time in your life you may suffer from acne, this skin condition is very common and is not isolated  to your teenage years but can often reoccur throughout adult life. Breakouts can affect our self esteem, the more stressed out we get about them the condition seems to worsen. First things first, if you think you have acne speak to a skin care therapist or your Doctor to confirm your condition. Severe acne is often treated by your GP who may decide to refer you to a dermatologist or consultant who specialises in skin conditions, however less severe acne can be treated successfully by implementing a good skin care regime regime.

  1. Implement a daily routine morning and night to wash your face with clean hands using the product best suited to your skin. Preferably using products that have been recommended by your Doctor, Dermatologist or Skin Therapist. When washing your face use circular movement with your finger tips to cleanse the skin. Ensure the water is not too hot, as this will irritate the skin.

Dermalogica have a range for teenage and adult acne.

  • Breakout Clearing – Foaming Wash
  • All over Toner
  • Hydrating Lotion or Matte moisturiser if skin is very oily – this moisturiser has a SPF15.
  • Overnight treatment that clears breakouts while you sleep.
  • Adult acne – Clearing Skin Wash is a foaming cleanser which helps clear oils and bacteria on breakout prone skin
  1. Keep hydrated – drink plenty of water to assist with the skins elasticity and will help with healing and repair of the skin. Dehyration can cause your pores to clog and block resulting in bacteria getting trapped in the skin.
  2. Protect your skin from the sun and the harmful rays. Always use a sunscreen even on cloudy days.
  3. Stay stress free or learn to deal with stress. Unfortunately the stress hormones that get released in the body cause a lot of damage and the first sign will be to the skin which is the largest organ in the body.
  4. Consider a facial or skin peel. Environ facials are fabulous and show immediate results. The products are packed with vitamins A, C & E. One of our clients Sophie, has received two treatments so far from the Environ range, the Purifying Treatment which is a deep cleanse ideal for problematic skin,  the treatment will purify, micro-exfoliate and re-hydrate your skin, this treatment assists with treating acne, scarring and deep skin congestion. Sophie said following treatments her skin felt like new and this is the first time she feels confident enough to go out without any make-up. She is also using the Environ products at home.

The A, C & E oil is a fine textured oil formulated to provide the skin with a high concentration of vitamin A and antioxidants to improve the appearance of acne prone skin.

Derma -lac lotion is a liquid exfoliater,  it contains lactic acid to improve skin texture and tone, this can also be used as a toner.

Vitamin A: Generates skin health, aids with anti-ageing, is a natural exfoliant, compacts the top layer which will withstand environmental attack, thickens the epidermis, detoxifies skin, balances oil levels, locks in moisture keeping the skin hydrated and prevents pigmentation.

Vitamin C: is also anti-ageing, antioxidant protection, stimulates collagen and compacts elastin, reduces redness, anti-inflamatory, is a natural SPF, brightens and hydrates the skin.

Vitamin E: antioxidant protection, heals and calms skin and reflects UV rays.

Environ have a home treatment peel kit which is a light effective peel designed to be used at home for skin rejuvenation and for the improvement of acne-prone skin. The benefits of this kit helps to diminish breakouts and relieve acne. This home treatment will aid with revitalising the skin and creating a smoother skin texture and does not compromise the integrity of the epidermis.

  1. Treat your acne immediately to prevent scarring, do not squeeze spots as this will spread bacteria and cause further damage to the skin.
  2. Ensure make-up brushes and sponges are kept clean to avoid contamination and bacteria build up.
  3. When using new products for the first time work them into your regime gradually, because if you bombard the skin too quickly with different products you may get a reaction. Treat your skin as if introducing a baby to solid foods, little at a time until your skin adjusts.
  4. Do not over exfoliate your skin, stripping away too much oil will have the reverse effect, the skin will automatically produce more oil, treat gently and cleanse with care.
  5. Get an early night, before going to bed learn to relax and listen to some soothing music, cleanse your skin and put on the recommended product for your skin. Facial products work best during the night while you are sleeping.

I hope some of the above tips help you but should you require any further information or wish to discuss your skin, we are only a phone call or email or FB away.

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