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Smooth Moves laser hair removal

As the summer holidays approach, we dream of having the perfect beach body and ridding ourselves of unwanted hair. Hair removal is one of the most sought after treatments in the beauty industry, there are many options available to us these days, there has over recent years been a surge in the demand for the more […]

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Reduce Stress – our top tips!

Stress is a factor that threatens our mental or physical state.Our stress mostly comes from worries about finance, work, children, relationships, divorce, bereavement, moving house, exams etc. Or stress can form due to not so real factors like worrying about the future or things beyond our control. Even getting stuck in a traffic jam can be […]

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May is skin cancer awareness month

Its that time of year again and we are either thinking of where to go on holiday this summer or maybe we have already booked a trip. Its great to have something to look forward to but remember to stock up on SPF and stay safe in the sun. Sunburn can increase your risk of […]

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Antioxidants, Vitamin C & E- What do they do?

For many, a youthful skin becomes our ultimate skincare goal, we have all read beauty articles or followed bloggers and wondered what a lot of the beauty jargon actually means? What do we really need to do to slow down the ageing process? There is lots of terminology used in the marketing of products but do we really know what […]

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Our top tips for acne sufferers.

At some time in your life you may suffer from acne, this skin condition is very common and is not isolated  to your teenage years but can often reoccur throughout adult life. Breakouts can affect our self esteem, the more stressed out we get about them the condition seems to worsen. First things first, if […]

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Thinking about laser hair removal? Here’s the need-to-know!

Are you interested in laser hair removal but have a number of questions about how it works and how long it will last? Read the Beauty Haven need-to-know on laser hair removal so you can get summer-ready! The benefits of laser hair removal Laser hair removal is one of the fastest growing methods for removing […]

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