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Holiday skin

Whether you are you thinking of jetting off to bask in the sun or perhaps prefer the culture of a city break,  keeping your skin in tip top condition can be a challenge when we are packing as much as we can into what seems to be a relatively small luggage allowance.Think multifunctional products, many moisturisers […]

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Benefits of Laser Hair Removal for men

Male grooming has become increasingly popular within the last few years ranging from facials right through to hair removal treatments. Yes hair removal treatments for men. You are reading this right! Like women, men are becoming increasingly concerned about their appearance so much so they are even having laser hair removal to minimise their body hair. […]

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Facial Peels to treat Acne

Just when you think you have grown out of your bad skin days – adult acne strikes!!! Acne can rob you of a huge part of your life, whilst being a physical condition the psychological impact can destroy confidence, relationships, and can dramatically change your way of living. The skin has thousands of tiny hair […]

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Boost your Beauty with Laser Therapy

Beauty is only skin deep, but some facial imperfections, like blemishes, suns spots, redness and thread veins can’t be removed with an ordinary facial. As a bride, bridesmaid or mother of the bride/groom, you want to be looking your very best for that special day out. The latest in skin technology can have you looking […]

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Living with Eczema.

For those who can slather on a full face of make up in the morning and leave the house with a flawless skin, you are truly blessed. Many people suffer with hot, itchy skin, often associated with skin dryness, the skin is inflamed and irritated and even make up won’t conceal their misery, this condition, […]

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Are Chemical Peels worth it?

If you are looking for a relaxing treatment then this is not the facial for you!!!  This is a results based treatment – Customer testimonials over the years have been fantastic and we have a huge base of customers who return for this treatment on a regular basis. If you have any of the following […]

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