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Creating The New You

Ladies,we can all relate to looking in the mirror and saying, ‘ I just don’t look as young or as fresh as I once did’.  ‘Well thats me, early 40’s and inundated with media coverage of the latest and best procedures available, but what do we really know about them, what do they involve, how […]

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Feet First

You feet spend hours at the office, waiting in lines, running errands, hitting the floor during powerful workouts and just keeping up with the day to day rush they endure. Your feet take you where you need to go, but where do you go to restore, relax and replenish this vital part of your body? […]

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Sun damage isn’t limited to holidays in the sun. It can happen when you’re not expecting it, for example, going for a walk or sitting in your garden. Intense Pulse Light (IPL) treatment is a method of treating sun-damaged skin. Over exposure to UV light can cause mottled/uneven pigmentation,open pores and sunspots. Treatments using the […]

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Face Facts

Are you ready to harness the summer season with a philosophy to really look after your skin? Remember your endeavours now will play an invaluable part in your appearance in years to come! We can help. Have you ever thought of a complex cellular ‘city’ – skin is the bodies largest organ, performing important functions […]

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Bikini Time

Beauty Haven specialise in advanced waxing techniques -a must for summer, but do you know the difference between a Californian, Brazilian or Hollywood bikini line wax? Just to make sure you don’t get more than you bargained for let us explain !!! It is important if you have never had waxing before that you have […]

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Feeling Prickly?

Want to become a smooth operator? We have the solution!! We feel passionate about our Laser Hair Removal. We understand unsightly body hair can be upsetting – affecting our social and psychological well being. Laser Hair Removal requires approx 4 – 6 treatments to achieve the desired result. The most common areas for Laser Hair […]

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