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Summer Setbacks Part 2

Summer Setbacks Part 2

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We’ve all done it-gone to hotter climes to get that sun kissed look and overdone it on the first day and had to suffer the consequences for the rest of our holiday. However, even after the redness has died down and the peeling has stopped, do you actually realise the damage that has been done?

Apart from the obvious signs such as, skin redness and irritation, severe cases may also have blistering, fluid loss and possible infection-not really the look you were after I’m sure.

If sun damage occurs,your skin cells can only regenerate a certain number of times. Losing much needed skin cells can result in sagging and wrinkling far earlier than those without sun damage therefore leading to premature ageing.

Dehydration can also be linked to over-exposure in the sun. One of the first signs of a dehydrated skin is the development of fine lines, located mainly on the forehead, around the eyes and cheekbones. In some cases the whole face. The appearance of lines may also be coupled with a feeling of tightness and itching may also occur. Dehydrated skin loses elasticity and radiance and can make the skin look tired and lifeless.

It is also important to remember that we do require some sun exposure to keep our vitamin D levels at their optimum. Vitamin D is produced naturally when the skin is exposed to sunlight and it plays a key role in strengthening bones. 50).

Products from the Jane Iredale make up range such as Amazing Base, Dream Tint and Powder-me, all come with a built in SPF and are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation. Dream Tint gives you sun protection and anti-ageing benefits. The oil-free formula uses soft focus minerals to minimize the appearance of fine lines and pores and added sea lipids to improve skin’s elasticity and prevent waterloss and antioxidants for potent protection.

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