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Inch Loss in an Hour

Guaranteed inch loss !!! Beauty is more than skin deep, it is so important to love our bodies – even with their imperfections. The mind matters too …our low self esteem and our unease with the image we have of ourselves are testimonial to this. We can’t do everything for ourselves – so it is […]

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MICRODERMABRASION Microdermabrasion is a painless non surgical method of rejuvination, using a method of exfoliation without the need of chemicals or laser. This treatment will leave you with smooth, glowing revitalised skin. The top layer of skin portraying many minor imperfections such as – Fine lines Scarring Stretch marks Age spots Hyper pigmentation Blemishes – […]

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Facial Peels to treat adult acne.

Just when you think you have grown out of your bad skin days – adult acne strikes!!! Acne can rob you of a huge part of your life, whilst being a physical condition the psychological impact can destroy confidence, relationships, and can dramatically change your way of living. The skin has thousands of tiny hair […]

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A year older, and those wrinkles are getting worse, not to mention skin tone and texture. Don’t let the psychological impact of the ageing process rob you of confidence or change the way you live. Its time to try a new form of facial rejuvination…..The Mesoestetic Peel. Skin peeling has had proven success in reducing […]

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Looking for Paradise?

Todays world seems to be becoming even more busy, like a thief it steals -our precious time and energy are taken. Feeling cheated we seek havens to reclaim some serenity back, we want to de-stress, feel nourished and be spoilt rotten! Just close your eyes, think of Bali – sacred places, picture card beaches, vibrant […]

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Creating The New You

Ladies,we can all relate to looking in the mirror and saying, ‘ I just don’t look as young or as fresh as I once did’.  ‘Well thats me, early 40’s and inundated with media coverage of the latest and best procedures available, but what do we really know about them, what do they involve, how […]

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