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Nail Disorders

Nail Disorders

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Summer is here and its time to treat those fingers and toes .Our highly effective manicures and pedicures combat the telltale signs of ageing and restore and rejuvenate tired hands and feet

Some common problems that professionals are often faced with:

* Leuknonychia ( white spots) can occur on the nail plate and will stay there until the nail grows out past the free edge.Often caused by trauma to the matrix when the nail cells are forming.

*Stains/Discolouration. Caused by cigarettes, food and nail enamel.

*Onycholysis. This is when the nail plate and nail bed seperate ( loosening of the nail) Often caused by abuse or trauma and can be extremely painful.

*Splits in the nail plate. The majority of splits are temporary and grow out leaving no damage. Some splits never grow out normally caused by injury to the matrix leaving an area of weakness.

*Fungal infection.The nail may look thickened and discoloured ( often yellow/greenish in colour)The nail may become soft and crumble and often bits of the nail may come away. This can be very painful and mediaction is required.

*Psoriasis. The nail becomes pitted, discloured and loose. ( our tip – keep the nails short and tidy)

We would recommend OPI nail envy for weak or damaged nails ( around £10)

Dermalogica Multivitamin Hand and nail treatment. An intense non greasy treatment to repair and protect chapped hands whilst protecting nails against splitting and peeling ( £20)

Bio Sculpture Gel overlays, n’applique nail wraps and nail extensions are available. Please ask one of our qualified therapists for advice if you suffer from one of the above nail conditions.

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