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Adult Acne

Adult Acne

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Just when you think you have grown out of your bad skin day’s – adult acne strikes!!

Whilst being a physical condition Acne Vulgaris can have a huge psychological impact also.

The skin has thousands of tiny hair follicles each containing a sebaceous gland, producing sebum. A reaction of the gland to the hormone testosterone causes an overproduction of sebum and together with dead skin cells block the follicle, causing a blackhead.  If the grease and bacteria can’t escape whiteheads and cysts with sebum and pus form.

Usual causes of adult acne are chronic stress, hormonal imbalance and the faulty closing of the hair ducts. The fact that acne is caused by eating too much greasy food or chocolate is not necessarily true. These foods will not trigger breakouts but do aid in the production of oily skin.

It is vital to keep the skin clean,removing excess grease with a good cleansing regime. Skin peeling has proven successful as the peeling action reduces inflammation and unblocks pores.

To peel – application of substances of an acid nature to evoke a reaction to stimulate the natural healing process. This will replace and renovate deteriorated skin for a newer, younger and more vitalised one.

At Beauty Haven we use the Mesoestetic Peel. This exfoliates and eliminates old damaged cells with the results being, improved texture, collagen and elastin stimulation,and a reduction in oil and acneic activity.

After much research Dermalogica have introduced their Medibac range to help combat adult acne. Several ingredients have been researched that are extremely effective in controlling the problems,  these will;

  • Inhibit the activity of overactive sebaceous glands.
  • Control cell accumulation.
  • Help control bacteria on the skin’s surface and in the follicle.
  • Help keep inflammation caused by adult acne under control.

Medibac Clearing controls acne without compromising skin’s integrity, which means skin is clearer and healthier.

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