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The Body Issue

The Body Issue

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As we gear up for a new year of effective exercise,flat stomach secrets, diet swaps and smart fitness make this year the year your  body goal comes true.The bigger the goals we set ourselves the more motivation is needed to achieve them. Start with initial small steps rather than making huge life changes.

Some tips to get you started:

Fuel your fitness.Eating the right foods can optimise the amount of calories burnt. Try to eat one or two hours before exercising and always immediately after. Low fat yogurts, bananas and nuts are slow release energy foods good prior to exercise. Immediately after even if you aren’t that hungry protein will help with your recovery and prevent you from becoming ravenous later. (eg eggs, chicken)

Leave your desk after eating and have a walk for 5 minutes, sitting hunched over your desk bunches up the digestive organs so they can’t work properly.

Cut back on sugar and fruit in late afternoon as they upset your natural bacteria and ferment in the gut causing bloating.

Try to train three times a week, you will find your energy will increase, your skin and nails will also improve.

Allow yourself a cheat meal once a week and try to keep the rest of your meals to a third protein, salad or vegetables.

Here at Beauty Haven we have a personal trainer who can advise you on nutrition and weight management or to kick start the New Year avail of our inch loss body wrap and receive a free facial (£55 ).

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