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The Little Black Dress Treatment

The Little Black Dress Treatment

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With the party season well and truly upon us now, we are all concerned about fitting into that little black dress for our Christmas night out. Everyone has those areas where they would like to slim and trim.

No matter how many times we say we are going to be good and go to the gym and eat a healthier diet sometimes we just run out of time to achieve our goal. Maybe you just keep putting it off for another week and before you know it there’s no time left and a quick fix becomes the only solution.

If this is the case then the Harley Body Wrap is the answer to your problem. Body wraps are not a weight loss process and never will be. With the Aloe Vera and the warmth of the bandages, we are opening the skins pores to enable us to penetrate the skins layers. This is to get to the connective tissues that hold fat cells that have become saturated with water, impurities and toxins. The Aloe Vera and additional ingredients help break down and cleanse the body of these toxins, by flushing them through our natural waste system.

With the removal of toxins, it is now possible for the body’s natural elastin to hold the new sculptured shape that has been made possible with the wrapping process, therefore making that little black dress look like it was made especially for you! The benefits of your Harley Body Wrap treatment can be maximised by having a course of treatments at Beauty Haven Belfast and by also following the home care advice provided by your therapist.

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