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Laser Hair removal for men … what you need to know!

Laser Hair removal for men … what you need to know!

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Experts report that more and more men are opting for the same grooming regimes as women, laser hair removal being on of them. Men have traditionally coarser hair than women and a little bit of a lower pain threshold, however the technology has advanced so much over the past few years that many clients report little or no pain.

Many sports people prefer to remove body hair as this can trap the sweat in the hair making the skin uncomfortable, red and painful. Cyclists, swimmers and runners will get a more aerodynamic performance because less body hair creates as little disturbance as possible. Many body builders like the defined look of the muscles minus the body hair.

It is also easier to get in and out of wet suits and tops that have zips on the back. Nothing worse than getting back hair caught in a zipper.

What are the benefits of  Laser hair removal?

  • This is this is a permanent hair reduction system, laser does  reduce ingrown hairs and the daily maintenance of shaving and is a very effective hair removal method for sensitive skin.
  • If needed, between laser sessions the hair can be shaved off as opposed to waxing where the hair needs to be a certain length before the next wax appointment
  • Laser minimises ingrown hairs
  • Laser can give anywhere between a 60-95 % reduction after just 6 sessions, providing the client follows the recommended treatment plan designated for them.
  • Time saving. The majority of men we speak with, say their biggest bugbear is to shave everyday for work. Not only is shaving a time consuming act but the chance of nicked and cut skin, ingrown hairs and the shavers rash – red bumpy skin can be a thing of the past.
  • Cost.The initial outlay of laser may seem expensive, however this does work out much cheaper in the long run as it is a permanent reduction which delivers much quicker results than any other hair removal method. The cost of all the years spent waxing every 4 to 6 weeks soon mounts up. Most clinics nowadays offer a payment plan which makes it easier and more affordable to manage.

What areas are treated?

  • The most common areas we treat for men are the legs, back, chest and beard.

How does the treatment work?

Our unique Ellipse Sirius system uses short, safe bursts of light emitted from a flash lamp to remove unwanted hair from all body areas in minutes. The pigment in the hair (melanin), absorbs the light converting it to heat and destroying the hair follicle making it unable to produce new hair. Facial Hair can be treated every four weeks and body hair every 6 weeks. By the end of the recommended course of treatments (6 -8 sessions) you may require top up sessions in the future to maintain results.

Choosing the right clinic

Doing your research before you begin is paramount to the success of your treatment. There are many lasers on the market, some better than others. Choose a reputable clinic that is registered with the RQIA ( in Ireland) or if in UK is registered with local council. You can view online publications on inspections carried out at these clinics to ensure training, safety and hygiene procedures are up to scratch. You should see operator certificates displayed in the clinic. A patch test consultation should always be carried out prior to your first treatment, this rules out any contraindications to treatment and a small skin test is carried out to test reaction of your skin to the treatment before you begin. You should avoid, hot showers, saunas, exercise for at least a day following your treatments. The entire laser hair removal system has improved over the last 10 years so hopefully with the idea of less pain and greater results, we’ve given you guys a bit of encouragement to get started,



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