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What are my options for Pigmentation Removal?

What are my options for Pigmentation Removal?

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What is pigmentation?

Have you noticed uneven skin tone, or dark brown spots on your face. The main reason for this is due to over exposure to the sun. The melanin that gives skin its colour gets stimulated by UVA causing the skin to react with dark patches, sun spots or pigmentation as its better known. Other factors play a part such as acne or hormonal skin.

Prevention is better than cure, avoid the heat of the sun between 11am – 3pm and always wear a UVA/UVB broad spectrum sun screen, even during winter months. You should also cover up with light clothing during the hotter months.

Pigmentation can occur anywhere on the body that the sun can reach, however the main areas are the face, décolletage, shoulders, arms and hands.

What are my options for pigmentation removal?

There are a few options to consider for pigmentation removal, the top choice being laser, or there are advanced treatment facials such as professional peels, microdermabrasion or Environ treatments which can reduce pigmentation. A Photo Rejuvenation Facial (laser) will target the pigmentation and lighten the dark spot or remove it completely, depending on the level of pigmentation and how long its been there. We do recommend a treatment of three sessions, however you should notice a change in skin tone after one session. These facials are very popular during the winter months and cost from £95 for full face or individual areas start at £60.

Mesopeel is a range from Mesoestetic and is an advanced chemical peel. Each peel is bespoke and will target the concerns you have about your skin imperfections. Whether that be pigmentation, skin ageing, acne, stretch marks or any other concerns. In the case of pigmentation the Mesopeel will lighten dark spots. A course of 6 is recommended to receive the best results. Cost at £65

Microdermabrasion is a facial treatment using tiny crystals to remove the top layer of skin. Leaving the skin looking younger, brighter and smoother. There is no downtime to this treatment which takes 50 mins and means you could go back to work after a lunch time treat. We recommend 3 – 5 treatments at fortnightly intervals at a cost of £60

Environ Advanced Active Vitamin treatment is suitable for all skin types and in particular for sun-damage and pigmentation. Packed with nourishing Vitamins A, C and antioxidants that are driven deep into the lower layers of the skin using sound waves and small electrical pulses.

 What should I use to protect my skin?

The most important thing to remember if you decide on a facial Peel, Microdermabrasion or Advanced Active Vitamin, in fact any facial which includes a deep exfoliation either chemical or physical is to always use a SPF30 to protect the skin from any further damage. Following a laser facial although no skin layers are being removed we recommend using a sunscreen for 30 days post treatment, as the treatment can cause photosensitivity.

Our favourite sunscreens include, Mesoestetic moisturising sun protection with an SPF50+ VUA + UVB  and Dermalogica Solar Defense Booster SPF50 broad spectrum

Are there products I can use to enhance my skin?

There are many products on the market to brighten and lighten the skin, our best seller at the min ute is Environ Mela Prep Lotion, specially formulated to supply the skin with ingredients that control the production of melanin and reduce pigmentation issues.

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact Beauty Haven on 028 90 666628






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