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Is male and female skin different?

Did you know a man’s skin is about 25% thicker on both the face and the body than a women’s skin?  In addition to this the texture of a man’s skin is tougher, oilier, ages differently and  is usually firmer because it has a higher collagen density and elastin levels are greater. Because collagen content […]

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Is electrolysis for you?

When it comes to hair removal there are various options available, you may have been considering electrolysis so we’ve put together some information to help you decide …… Electrolysis might be a good option for you:  If your hair colour and skin tone is not suitable for laser, for example electrolysis unlike laser will work on […]

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My evening pamper essentials.

My solution to coping with the January blues is to pamper myself and spend an evening with my favourite luxury items. What could be better than a long soak in the bath followed by a DIY facial, throw in a glass of fizz and your fav TV show, sounds like the perfect evening. Pamper nights […]

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Inch Loss Body Wraps – do they really work?

Theres no better time to consider getting a body wrap than just after the Christmas and the New Year season, most of us have had one or two mince pies too many, hence losing a few extra inches may sound appealing. To achieve good results and maintain a healthy body weight and stay in the […]

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New Year, New Smoother You!!! Laser Hair Removal

This is the perfect time of year to consider laser hair removal. New Year, New Smoother You. Winter months are the perfect time to commence treatments because 30 days before treatment starts and 30 days after treatment skin should not be exposed to the sunlight as this causes photosensitivity and the skin may burn. We […]

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How to do a DIY Facial at Home

Finding the money especially just after  Christmas for salon treatments may be a challenge as most of us have gone way over budget on the Christmas shopping, you can however still achieve a glowing skin with a DIY facial, not to mention the therapeutic effect of treating yourself to some well deserved ‘me time’ Light some candles, […]

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