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Don’t limit powerful anti-ageing ingredients to your face.

Don’t limit powerful anti-ageing ingredients to your face.

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Did you know Vitamin A/ retinol works wonders for the skin on the body as well as the face?

Retinol is more than just a skincare trend. It is Environ’s cornerstone ingredient. When applied on the body, retinol body lotions can even out skin tone, moisturise, and address crepe-iness. 

When you start using retinol-containing products, begin with every other day or two.Retinol thickens the lower skin layers, but does thin out the stratum corneum ( the outer skin layer) this gives the skin a dewy glow, but can also increases the risk of sunburn, so it is even more important to use an SPF daily.

When seeking out body products containing retinol look for products with hydrating ingredients such as coconut oil, argan oil, and/or hyaluronic acid to offset the dryness.

Environ A,C & E Body oil contains the high concentration of Vitamin A / Retinol as well as vital antioxidant vitamins. This is a light, dry oil that absorbs and nourishes deep into the skin. leaving it feeling silky smooth.

*I’d recommend this product for dry, premature ageing and sun damaged skin.

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