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Travel Friendly Skin Care Hacks.

Travel Friendly Skin Care Hacks.

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The countdown until summer vacation is on. Your bags are packed and you’ve managed to fit your full skin and hair regime into one case, not to mention the last month prepping your complexion for that all-important holiday glow.

Travelling and in particular flying can cause havoc upon our complexion due to the cabin’s recycled air which wastes no time in sucking the moisture out of your skin, resulting into dull and dehydrated skin.

Our tips for travel:

Cleanse: Ditch the cleansing wipes and give your skin the TLC it requires whilst travelling. Travel-friendly cleansers are easy to carry (smaller in size) and worth having handy for a DIY facial on the go.

Spritz:  The Environ Focus Care Comfort+ Anti-Pollution mist is a lightweight, invisible, breathable shield that offers complete protection with a scientifically perfected blend of anti-pollution ingredients and high potency antioxidants to counteract the harmful effects of pollution. 

It helps to rebalance the skin microbiome, provides defence from blue light from screens, strengthens the skin’s resistance and supports a healthy-looking skin barrier. This product can be used throughout the day and over makeup to hydrate the skin.

Did you know ?……..

There is around 20% humidity in cabin air (compared to the 40-60% found on the ground) it’s therefore important to quench your skin’s thirst when flying. Sheet masks are amazing (again easy to carry) and will relieve tired eyes and dehydrated skin. Follow with a light serum to lock in the moisture making you feel tangibly firmer, refreshed, and radiant. 

PROTECT: Boost your defences with the ultimate skin care saviour. Yes, we’re talking about SPF. As you’re closer to the ozone layer mid-flight, the UV rays can be potent (especially when sitting in the window seat). Apply your SPF on your face and neck all to give your skin the protection it deserves. 

Just a few of our top picks:

Environ Anti-Pollution Mist

Environ RAD SPF

Environ Vita Peptide Eye Gel

Environ Hydrating Clay Mask

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