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Spotlight on Skin Omegas

Wearing face masks over the past year has become the new-normal, however it has uncovered a new problem, mask related acne. This type of breakout activity is caused by friction and trapping warm air and is the perfect environment for bacteria to flourish. These bacterial imbalances can promote acne and rosacea flare-ups. Some basic hygiene […]

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Hand Creams to soothe dry, sanitised, winter hands.

Is anybody else suffering with dry hands at the moment? This is a really irritating problem most often a cold weather complaint but living through a pandemic having to sanitise with alcohol based products every 5 minutes and frequent hand washing is causing our hands to dry out and feel really uncomfortable. Some tips I […]

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A question of Toners?

A facial toner is designed to remove the last traces of grime and impurities stuck in your pores after you wash your face. When added to your daily routine a toner can have a positive impact on the appearance of your skin and tightness of the pores. Toners have come on a lot since the […]

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Tackling Dry Skin

Tackling dry or problematic skin on the body can be a challenge. We are often so focused on the skin on our face that we don’t know where to begin with body products. My favourite results driven body products and supplements as follows: Derma-Lac Lotion is an easy to apply body lotion to stop the […]

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Say Goodbye to Razors.

The options for hair removal are endless, from waxing and shaving to tweezing, but laser hair removal offers a more permanent approach to getting rid of unwanted hair. As the skin should not be exposed to the sunlight 30 days before and after laser treatment the Winter months are the perfect time to commence a […]

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Christmas Gift Ideas

Finding the best Christmas presents for family and friends can be stressful… Luckily we have sourced a wide range of cracking Christmas gifts for all of your loved ones. So sit back, relax and find some snazzy Christmas presents. Choose your faves and we’ll do the rest! Email beautyhaven@btconnect.com to order.

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