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Is Electrolysis for you, your top 5 checklist

There are many factors that cause unwanted hair growth on the face and body. The most common reason is an increase in hormones  in the body called androgens. The most common form of this is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). The exact cause is unknown but its normally genetic, and relates to abnormal hormone levels of […]

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Best Sunscreens 2019

The summer may be behind us but its important to protect your skin from UV damage all year long  The importance of protecting your skin from the sun is the one thing Doctors, Dermatologists and Beauty experts all agree on. What does the jargon actually mean? UVA and UVB comes from the UV radiation of […]

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Weekly Product Review. Sebu Tone Clarifier

The focus clarity range from Environ has been designed to improve problematic skin and promote a healthy, clearer skin. The range promotes a 3 stage system to target breakouts and is recommended alongside salon treatments for optimum results. Recently my skin has been particularly oily, resulting in more breakouts than usual and a high shine throughout […]

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Our top reasons you should get laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal is a popular treatment for many reasons, however the top reasons clients give when enquiring about laser are as follows: Cost Time Hair Management Eliminate Ingrown hairs Boost Confidence   COST: For most of us the cost of wax treatments, razors and shaving creams over a lifetime, or any other temporary method […]

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Weekly product Review. Frown Serum

I’ve always hated my frown lines, I’ve tried Botox a couple of times and although I liked the result, enough isn’t known about the long term effects of using Botox cosmetically so I choose not to have toxins injected into my body on a regular basis. Lets face it, frown lines are ageing, stepping up your […]

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Holiday Treatment wish List.

Who doesn’t hit the gym as soon as the summer holiday is booked?  Nothing inspires me more to go to the gym than the thought of wearing a bikini. Holiday prep doesn’t have to be all about hard work, the treatments we require prior to our holiday is the nice bit …… Time isn’t always […]

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