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Product Review: Environ Youth Essentia Vita Peptide Eye Gel.

Product Review: Environ Youth Essentia Vita Peptide Eye Gel.

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New Vita-Peptide Eye Gel with Hyaluronic Acid

There’s a very good reason why our clients love using Environ Youth EssentiA Vtia-Peptide Eye Gel, and that’s because it delivers fantastic results. This has become one of our most popular products because it provides our clients with real, anti-ageing results, without the need for expensive Botox injections.

So why does this eye gel do such a great job of “plumping up” the skin and minimising the appearance of fine lines around the delicate eye area?

Our individuality and emotions are expressed around the fragile skin of the eyes. As we get older the skin around the eyes loses its elasticity and becomes thinner. Factors such as sun exposure and smoking can take their toll. Not to mention the dark circles and puffiness that can make us look older.

Vita-Peptide Eye Gel ”plumps up” the skin and smooths out fine lines resulting in a more youthful appearance due to a number of key vitamins and skincare ingredients.

  • Vitamin A provides anti-ageing benefits and helps normal functioning of the skin.
  • Vitamin C makes the skin look firmer and fresher, the Vitamin C in Environ Essential Vita-Peptide Eye gel also acts as a great collagen booster.
  • This product contains a form of Vitamin E called Tocopheryl Acetate which enhances the skin’s natural protection against the sun.
  • Argireline is made of peptides, these are chains of amino acids which can affect how skin cells behave. Derived from Acetyle hexapeptide-3, the peptide is related to Boutilinum Toxin.
  • Hyaluronic Acid , a key ingredient to help skin retain moisture and keep your skin  hydrated.

A little bit of extra info on how Argireline works?

Argireline inhibits the release of neurotransmitters that cause muscle contraction. Therefore when applied to the delicate skin around the eye area, the gel’s composition causes the muscles to relax and in turn smooth out the appearance of expression lines.

With its ability to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, Argireline also helps maintain a more youthful appearance for longer by working as an anti-ageing ingredient.

Available to buy in the salon or online via our online shop. RRP £59

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