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Balancing Body and Mind: The Role of Reflexology in Enhancing Fertility

Are you struggling to conceive? Seeking a holistic approach to enhance your fertility? Look no further than reflexology. Balancing body and mind, reflexology has gained recognition as a powerful therapy that may assist in improving your chances of conception. In this article, we will delve into the role of reflexology and its potential benefits for […]

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Seasonal SOS: Protecting Your Hands Through All the Weather

Ah, the changing seasons. A time for open fires, cozy nights, and… unfortunately, havoc on our precious hands. From the bone-chilling dryness of winter to the sun-sapping heat of summer, each season presents its own unique set of challenges for keeping our hands soft, smooth, and protected. But fear not, with a little preparation and […]

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2024 Skincare Goals

Get ready to glow in 2024 with these skincare goals! Step up your routine with daily SPF application, regular exfoliation, and proper hydration. Incorporate gentle cleansers and serums for a clear complexion. Remember, consistency is key for healthy, radiant skin. Discovering new skin products is always exciting! From hydrating moisturisers to gentle cleansers, finding the […]

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How to get rid of Milia.

Milia are small white (ish) looking bumps which form when a build up of dead cells and sebum build up and get trapped beneath the surface of the skin, in essence, forming a closed duct. Most commonly they are found around the eye area but can also form on other areas of the face. Milia […]

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The effects Menopause has on your skin

Did you know that around one third of women in the entire population of the UK face challenges with menopause?  Menopause can throw your skin into a spin and means our skincare regime may need a shake-up. The skin changes in many ways including thinning skin, lower collagen levels and dryness.  Healthy skin starts from […]

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