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Vitamin A

Vitamin A

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I love chatting about vitamins, call me a vitamin nerd but anything that is good for the body and gives optimal health results either from food related or beauty related products I could rant on all day. Vitamin A is my new best friend. Researching this vital vitamin has taught me so much more than I thought I knew.

Vitamin A comes in two forms, vitamin A and beta carotene. Vitamin A is a group of fat-soluble retinoids which include retinol and is a powerful antioxidant, beneficial for reducing inflammation within the body by fighting free radicals, it boosts the immune system helping to fight off infection and illness, aids with good vision and healthy eyes, keeps skin and lining of the nose healthy, supports cell growth which is very important for maintenance of our heart, lungs, kidneys and other vital organs.

The best foods that contain vitamin A are:

  • Dairy products – cheese, milk and yogurt, eggs, oily fish – tuna, mackerel. Oysters are another good source although a tad more expensive

The best foods that contain beta-carotene are:

  • Sweet potato, carrots, dark leafy greens (kale, savoy cabbage, spinach, swiss chard, pak choi) butternut squash, cos and tomaine lettuce, dried apricots and peaches, prunes, cantaloupe melon, sweet peppers and tropical fruit like mango and papaya.Foods containing Beta-carotene will convert into Vitamin A.

The amount of Vitamin A required by the body is 0.6mg a day for women and slightly more for men at 0.7mg per day. If you are on a well balanced diet you should be getting enough Vitamin A from your food intake. The great thing about Vitamin A if the body doesn’t use your intake up for the day it is then stored for future use, so don’t worry, you don’t need Vitamin A every day.

Having researched Vitamin A and its many benefits over the last couple of years I introduced the Environ skincare range to our extensive treatment range.The fact is we lose about 95% of our Vitamin A every day and we need to replenish it, thats where the Environ products come in. The range is a step up system whilst your skin adjusts to Vitamin A, gradually increasing the strength as your skin acclimatises. The many benefits of Vitamin A  include a plumper more radiant and hydrated skin, redness is diffused, the skin is protected against photo damage and will look lighter and brighter. There are a few exceptions when you shouldn’t use the products, for example in pregnancy or if you are on roaccutane. A consultation should be carried out prior to use.

Some of the Environ treatments we are offering include the Active Vitamin 1 hour session and Advanced Active Vitamin giving a luxurious one and half hours of pamper. Packed with nourishing anti-ageing ingredients resulting in a radiant and dewy skin.The purifying treatment for those with more problematic skin is a 40 minute treatment which has dramatic results in helping to clear the skin. A good homeware is of course essential.

Environ Active Vitamin Treatment 1 hr = £65

Environ Advanced Active Vitamin Treatment 1 hr = £85

Purifying treatment 40 minutes = £45

We are super excited about our new range, we have seen amazing results and our clients are returning again and again. This is a small sample of our Environ products and facials but please feel free to pop in for a chat and see our range and discuss your skin or telephone or check our website for further information.

*You can also do a little bit of your own research. The range was developed by Dr Des Fernandez , he has written books on the subject of Vitamin and has his own clinic in South Africa.


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