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Weekly product Review. Frown Serum

I’ve always hated my frown lines, I’ve tried Botox a couple of times and although I liked the result, enough isn’t known about the long term effects of using Botox cosmetically so I choose not to have toxins injected into my body on a regular basis. Lets face it, frown lines are ageing, stepping up your […]

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Holiday Treatment wish List.

Who doesn’t hit the gym as soon as the summer holiday is booked?  Nothing inspires me more to go to the gym than the thought of wearing a bikini. Holiday prep doesn’t have to be all about hard work, the treatments we require prior to our holiday is the nice bit …… Time isn’t always […]

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Weekly product review. Dermalogica conditioning body wash

If you haven’t tried this gorgeous body wash yet, you really should treat yourself. The product lathers up beautifully and feels lovely on the skin. It contains botanical extracts to give it a lovely fragrance.The product provides soap free cleansing thats acid balanced to prevent drying out or stripping the skin. Whilst I use this […]

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Healing acne scars with laser treatment.

If you have acne now or have suffered from this common skin care condition then the chances are you could have acne scarring. Treating acne will reduce the likelihood of the appearance of acne scarring. The first thing to do is to get advice from your doctor or a skin care specialist. Acne can be successfully […]

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Weekly product review. Environ Clarifying lotion

Age spots, also known as liver spots or sun spots are the result of an excess production of melanin, or skin pigment. Doctors don’t always know why age spots develop. Skin aging, sun exposure, or other forms of ultraviolet (UV) light exposure, such as tanning beds, are all possible causes. You’re most likely to develop […]

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