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Removal of Pigmentation & Sun Spots

Removal of Pigmentation & Sun Spots

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Pigmentation & sun spots are a common problem, especially amongst those of us who have done our fair share of sunbathing over the years.

Pigmentation, sun spots, liver spots, age spots or dark spots, call them what you will, are the darkening effects on the skin that can occur on the face, hands, décolletage and shoulders due to over exposure to the sun. UVA stimulates the cells called Melanocytes that product Melanin. It is a common condition where there is too much melanin – the pigment in the skin, and forms dark areas on the skin. These dark spots could take between 10-20 years to develop.

What causes pigmentation & sun spots?

The main cause is sun damage, but hormonal factors play a part along with conditions like acne, injury to the skin and even surgery can leave their mark.

Can you prevent them from appearing?

Using a UVA & UVB broad spectrum sunscreen protection will stop any further damage to the skin. Wearing protective clothing will also shade from the sun.

Is there any way to remove pigmentation marks?

Our skin ages due to sun exposure and decreased production of collagen.Laser treatments of sun damaged skin (Skin Rejuvenation or Photorejuvenation) help you keep a younger and fresher look.

So how does a laser skin rejuvenation treatment work?

Short bursts of light are directed at the skin and the system filters light to ensure the wavelengths used are absorbed by haemoglobin in the fine blood vessels and melanin in the pigmentation and age spots. The light in other words is attracted in this case to the age spot  and draws it to the surface, initially you should see a darkening of the area treated, this is a good sign that the treatment has been successful and will fade within 48 hours.

Have a look at some of our tried and tested treatments and products to reduce or remove pigmentation …….


A full face photo rejuvenation treatment takes less than 45 minutes and will improve if not remove pigmentation. A course of three are usually recommended to achieve the full effect, depending on the amount of pigmentation, but you will notice an improvement after one session.

* Beauty Haven will price match a skin rejuvenation treatment if you find it cheaper elsewhere. Please ask for details, the laser must be comparable and based in Northern Ireland.

Environ Intense C Peel is an advanced Peel and only available as a treatment after being on the set-up system AVST 3 moisturiser.

The benefits of this facial are many,  L-Ascrobic Acid (water soluble Vitamin C) and Salicylic Acid targets scarring and textural problems giving smooth and refined skin, photo-aged skin, deep lines/wrinkles and pigmentation are also improved.

The true benefits of this Peel lies in the Vitamin C content that stimulates collagen, inhibits melanin formation and strengthens capillaries.

The Mesoestetic facial peel is a deep exfoliation treatment that  brightens and lightens pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles. May need multi sessions depending on how dark the pigmentation is and the length of time the pigmentation has been visable.


Environ Vita-Antioxidiant AVST Vitamin A moisturizer set-up system 1-5 is a day and night moisturizer. This normalises melanin, stimulates cell turnover which aids with pigmentation. The set up system begins with AVST 1 introducing Vitamin A in small doses to allow the skin to get used to Vitamin A, once the skin is acceptable move up through the steps slowly.

Vitamin A normalizes and repairs skin cells while protecting from environmental and UV damage. It also stimulates collagen and elastin to combat the signs of ageing to help improve lines and wrinkles.

Priced from £42 – £48

Environ Clarifying Lotion is a light, non-oily lotion formulated to supply skin with essential ingredients. Promoting skin growth and cell renewal to improve the appearance of uneven skin tone, detoxes pigmentation by pulling it up to the surface. This lotion can be used alongside the laser system.

Priced at £35 for 100ml

Environ C-Boost contains a rich dose of vitamin C to help improve the appearance of sun damaged skin. Inhibits tyrosinase to assist in the treatment of hyper-pigmentation. Apply under vitamin A moisturiser morning and night.

Priced at £35 for 25ml.

RAD SPF 15 one of the best sellers with a 3 way defence – titanium dioxide, chemical SPF and Antioxidant.

A face and body sunscreen with a combination of filters and reflectors to provide a SPF15 with a low chemical content and high performance protection.

Priced at £19.95 for 100ml

Whatever concerns or questions you may have regarding the removal of pigmentation & sun spots please feel free to discuss further with our consultants at Beauty Haven.





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