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Fancifull Fall

Fancifull Fall

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With the Autumn fast approaching it’s time to update the colour of your nail polish. The summer has long gone so it’s time to leave the hot pinks and neons behind and embrace the lighter more neutral shades of Autumn.

Your manicure can tell alot about your preferences for fashion styles as well as your personality. A word of warning though, when choosing one of this seasons new colours, make sure that it suits not only your skin tone but your nail shape. If you keep that in mind then the only limitation is yourself.
Before you decide to hit the shops in search of that perfect colour think about having a luxury manicure to remove excess cuticle growth,rehydrate the nails and hands with a massage and get your nails shaped and buffed to perfection. This will help whatever colour you choose to look perfect.

Metallics are back again,not only in fashion but in nail colours aswell. Reviving the 80’s is a hot trend right now, if you are a little unsure choose a lighter nail polish hue.

Red,red,red. Whether it be a bright blood red to a softer pastel tone, this is an absolute must have if you want to let your adventurous side out. Reds work well with nearly any look, from vintage right through to retro.

The nude and matt tones from last year are still around but slightly softer than before. Nudes and beiges can help every nail shape look dignified. This seasons nudes also have a hint of lilac or mauve, so they are also suitable for all skin tones.

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