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Autumn Well Being

Autumn Well Being

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As Summer disappears for good you may be looking for a little pick-me-up. Why not think of having a treatment that you have never experienced before. People can be prone to having the same treatment over and over again because they know what it entails and they feel safe and comfortable with it. Try stepping out of your comfort zone and dipping your toe into something different, as they say, nothing ventured nothing gained!

A Dermalogica Thermal Body Treatment, for example, serves two equal purposes-to deliver skin health and feel incredible. Through zone-by-zone analysis of your skin the treatment will be customised to your skins needs.

Many people suffer from acne which can effect their back and chest aswell as their face. If this is the case, then cleansing, exfoliation and treating are just as important for overall skin health. The treatment is also beneficial for those of us who have a drier,dehydrated skin type. Depending on your skin’s needs that day the treatment can then be customised to suit. This may be products to hydrate or products to detoxify. After the treatment the therapist will prescribe a home care plan that will help you maintain the results of your treatment between visits.

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