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52 small blogs.2.

52 small blogs.2.

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Decluttering your mind.

The wardrobe is a mess, the sock drawer is full of odd socks, more and more is going under the bed. I bet you often decide ‘it’s time to sort things out’!!!…..but, have you thought of all the extra baggage that’s in your mind?? so what about getting that in order?

Signs that your mind needs a tidy up.

  • Do you get distracted easily.
  • Are you forgetful.
  • Do you run around in circles, and still not get anything done.
  • Do you feel as if you aren’t taking thing in when talking/listening to someone/thing.
  • Does your mind work overtime.

Remember a mind full of clutter, with too much going on can lead to stress.

What is taking up your time mentally, and is it serving you wisely??

If not, either deal with it or get rid of it…..make SPACE to FOCUS on life again.

  • It is useful to write things down, by physically throwing a problem in the bin is helpful. With whatever is left, you can create a plan. Have a specific time everyday for this sorting process.
  • Do something enjoyable everyday, just for yourself, even if it is only for 10 minutes…..never feel guilty as this will lead to a nicer you. Time pampering yourself is well invested, visit Beauty Haven for a relaxing Hot Stone Massage, Reflexology or a Prescriptive Facial, with many other ‘you time treats’ available.
  • Get perspective, enjoy nature, go for a walk, enjoy silence.
  • Start to say ‘No’  more often.
  • Enjoy a relaxing bath, candles lit. This is ‘your space’, time to think and revaluate.
  • Talk to a friend.
  • Keep a notebook.
  • Keep a calendar and to do list.

Freeing up ‘Mental Space’, can lead to a much happier existence.

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