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3.The drinking habit.

3.The drinking habit.

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The Water habit. ( research suggests it takes an average of 66 days to create a new habit)

Drink more!! 

Is drinking water good for the skin? Well this is a well debated subject… It makes sense to me though, that it won’t hurt.

All our organs need water and skin is an organ, hydrated organs behave better!

Drinking enough water  is key to maintaining good health.  We lose water when we go to the toilet, by sweating and through respiration.  If we exercise we lose a lot more. This needs to be replaced.

A lot of the water we need will come from food, about 20%, but we need to ‘find’ the rest from drinking. Whilst water is the best for rehydration as it is calorie and sugar free, herbal teas, fruit/veg juices can also be beneficial. Too much caffeine from coffee or tea can have negative results, such as a fast heartbeat ,or  a jittery feeling, so these should be limited.

Drinking enough water helps your body function properly, keeping your temperature regulated, removing waste, protecting joints and organs, and helping with the transportation of nutrients and oxygen to your vital organs, skin will look younger and  concentration improved!!

If your body is short of fluids apart from being thirsty, you can suffer from pains in joints and muscles, have headaches, suffer from constipation and have dry, tight, flaky skin.

Don’t  push yourself to drink , just get into a habit and be aware of the benefits. A good guide is a glass  with every meal, one in between meals one first thing in the morning and one before bed.

As the skin is the last of the organs to receive water, getting what’s left over! It is useful to give it a boost, applying  a moisturiser will help with hydration. After a shower when the skin is still porous  absorbsion will be better.


Try Dermalogica’s Hydrating Body Cream, or Ultra Rich Body Cream, Hydrating Booster, Intensive Moisturiser, Super Rich Repair along with many more. A fantastic Facial Treatment for skin needing some hydration is the Multivitamin Power Treatment, the hydro active salt scrub is great for those flaky bodies.


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