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Mesoprotech Anti-ageing Facial Sun mist SPF 50

A Very high protection facial SPF

The Key benefits:

Fine, fresh & ultra-light textured mist
Can be re-applied on top of makeup
Protects collagen with pro-47 formula
Antioxidant & protective action from Vitamin E
Non-comedogenic (non-pore blocking)

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The benefits of facial rollering.

If you have been using Environ products for a while it may be time to add the facial roller into your regime to ensure you are getting the most from your products. So let me begin by explaining a little bit about the facial roller….. Environ Cosmetic Roll-CIT (Collagen Induction Therapy) is a hand held needling […]

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Revive Winter skin with an Active Vitamin Facial

The winter months can often play havoc with our skin, not only the cold wet harsh conditions, but also the lack of Vitamin D from the sunshine can leave the skin looking dull and lifeless. The extreme change in temperatures from hot to cold and central heating can cause changes to our skin. The blood vessels […]

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How to do a DIY Facial at Home

Finding the money especially just after  Christmas for salon treatments may be a challenge as most of us have gone way over budget on the Christmas shopping, you can however still achieve a glowing skin with a DIY facial, not to mention the therapeutic effect of treating yourself to some well deserved ‘me time’ Light some candles, […]

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The Best Facial Scrubs for Woman Over 40

Celebrating a mile stone birthday is the perfect opportunity to treat your skin with tender loving care. Now is the time to invest in products that will improve your skin and take you through to the next decade with confidence. Our face is on show all the time, using the best products is vital, but […]

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Facial hair removal techniques

There are various methods of removing facial hair, it really is an individual choice of which technique suits you best. Whether it be the time, cost or the effectiveness of the treatment involved, we are going to talk you through a number of options and the pros and cons for each one. Tweezing: One of the […]

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