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52 small Blogs

52 small Blogs

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When was the last time you can say in earnest you tried to revamp your life and make it better,and more to the point stick to it!!

The Beauty Haven Blog is our way of helping you get direction. Transform parts of your life with baby steps.



As we are a Beauty Company, why not start with clearing out your make up bag or cabinet with products which are out of date, OR you simply don’t use….don’t be sentimental!!

Old beauty products can carry a lot of bacteria,which could lead to infection and skin problems.

  • Powders,concealers and lip balms are anhydrous (contain no water) so can last a few years.
  • Cleansers and moisturisers often contain fatty acids, which can turn rancid, so discard after 6 months.
  • Mascara…the mascara tube can be a breeding ground for the growth of  bacteria, so discars after 3 months.
  • Eye/lip pencils. If you sharpen these regularly should last a couple of years.
  • Foundations, one year. It is best to use with a sponge as fingers can carry bacteria to and from the bottle.
  • Store makeup, lotions and potions in a cool, dry environment…NOT a bathroom!

Decluttering also has a therapeutic side to it. Simplify your environment,get rid of excess, feel lighter. Clutter can cause stress and disorganisation, both unnecessary life factors.

Charity shops could also benefit from your discarded clutter, so as well as achieving a sense of accomplishment you are giving to a good cause.

Tired now??  time for a massage! Beauty Haven offer Back and Tension, Hot stone  Balinese and Indian Head Massage, the perfect treat after a hard days work.

To replenish any out of date product, remember, we stock,

  • Dermalogica
  • Jane Iredale
  • He Shi
  • Vita Liberata
  • and sponges/brushes for your foundation!

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