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4. Meditation (it’s FREE)

4. Meditation (it’s FREE)

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Try Meditation ( it’s Free!)

Meditation is an approach that can relieve many problems by the way you think and reflect.

Most people won’t be bothered to take time out for meditation, but actually you don’t need to!! It can be done anywhere and at  anytime.

Meditation may seem like a waste of time to many, but it has many benefits which should not be overlooked.

( to name but a few)

  • Good for high blood pressure.
  • Decreases muscle tension.
  • Helps with weight loss.
  • Reduces anxiety.
  • Increases energy.
  • Builds self confidence
  • Helps concentration.
  • Improved memory.
  • Helps you act constructively.
  • Increases listening skills.
  • Helps stop bad habits.
  • Can cure headaches.
  • Helps keep things in perspective.
  • Helps change attitude.
  • Helps you live in the present.

So just be quiet, (anywhere) and really think about your breathing, this stops you thinking your ‘thoughts’….this is the start. Really feel what the breathing does to your body, where it moves, from your nostrils to your chest, how your tummy expands etc.  Once you start drifting back to your thoughts (this will happen) go straight back to your breathing, it will take practise, be patient.


Observe how the rest of your body feels, be aware. Is it hot ? sore? just get a feeling of awareness, and accept it, do not react to a specific feeling, move on to the next.


This  is being in the present…..nothing else will happen.

This is a very basic ‘breathing meditation, but there are many books to buy or classes to attend which will show you how meditation can be used positively to conquer all sorts of problems life throws at you..

Hope to see you at Beauty Haven soon, try practising some meditation whilst having a Hot Stone Back Massage, A purifying Back Cleanse or whilst wrapped up in a Harley Body Wrap, we don’t need to talk, and you can find time to find your inner peace.

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