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Why Choose Mineral Make-Up?

Why Choose Mineral Make-Up?

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Here at Beauty Haven in Belfast we like to give our clients a bit more than just a treatment. That is why we would like to take the time to help educate you in your choice of make-up. There are many different avenues to explore and although this is only touching the the tip of the make-up world, we hope it helps.

With some many ranges and products on the market today it is no wonder we get stressed or confused when trying to pick a brand that you think or sometimes hope will suit. Let me help you take away that grey area and bring a little colour back in your life.

As stockists of Jane Iredale Mineral make up, Beauty Haven is ideally positioned to help you decide why you should invest in this brand. So why choose minerals and more importantly, Jane Iredale.

Known as The Skin Care Make-up, the Jane Iredale line is so safe and beneficial to use that it is recommended by plastic surgeons and dermatologists throughout the world, but more importantly a large number of products in the line come with recommendations from the Skin Cancer Foundation-high praise indeed!

Affordable make-up is what everyone wants. Affordable high quality make-up is even better. Why pay for excess chemicals when you can get beautiful make-up that is gentle, safe and vegan friendly? Jane Iredale’s Skin Care Make-up combines the most up to date colours with skin care benefits that conventional make-ups can only envy.

Some of the benefits associated with the range are that it is non-comedogenic, will not block pores, virtually no allergy risk, anti-inflammatory which helps to calm and soothe irritated skin, contains no talc or parabens and it is composed of inert minerals which means that bacteria can’t be supported. Also important is that none of the products have been tested on animals.

Many make-up brands and types use chemicals and additives to give you the colour and texture that you see in the bottles and pots. The problem that arises here is that irritation and reactions can occur-definately not the look you were trying to achieve!

Mineral make-up can be applied immediately after micro-dermabrasion, some chemical peels and laser treatments, all of which are available at Beauty Haven Belfast. They cover redness and have anti-inflammatory ingredients which will help the skin to heal. However, our advice is to keep it as simple as possible and keep product usage to a minimum. With minerals, less is always more.

Because Jane Iredale Mineral Foundations interact with light in a way that adjusts to your own skin tone, mineral make-up is more forgiving than other cosmetics. Many of the shades are universally flattering, but it’s worth taking your time to find your most complimentary match. This can be done by making an appointment in Beauty Haven Belfast for your free colour analysis.

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