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Why choose Dermalogica?

Why choose Dermalogica?

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With so much choice on the market for skin care nowadays, it can be a difficult decision to make when buying a product. The good thing about Dermalogica is that, not only is it a high quality skin care brand which targets problem areas of your skin with high quality ingredients, but there are plenty of ranges within the brand. You can find something that will work for just about any skin care problem.

Many of us don’t really know what the products we are using actually do for our skin. It’s important to learn about skin care if you want your skin to be glowing and healthy all the time. This is where your Dermalogica skin care therapist comes in!

Dermalogica professional skin therapists are licensed, intensely educated skin health experts trained to prescribe Dermalogica products and deliver professional treatments. They have the answers to your most pressing skin care concerns. They know how to deliver real, visable results.

Most of the time, when you are choosing a product range, you will need at least three products. A cleanser, exfoliator and moisturiser. Dermalogica provide all these products and more so you should easily find something to suit your skin care needs.

Always ensure that you purchase your Dermalogica products from a recognised skin centre. As Dermalogica stockists in Belfast, we are delighted to reward the option to have healthier, happier skin by offering a FREE facial* with the purchase of three or more Dermalogica products.

*Terms and conditions apply.

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