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Weekly product Review. Frown Serum

Weekly product Review. Frown Serum

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I’ve always hated my frown lines, I’ve tried Botox a couple of times and although I liked the result, enough isn’t known about the long term effects of using Botox cosmetically so I choose not to have toxins injected into my body on a regular basis.

Lets face it, frown lines are ageing, stepping up your skin care regime and hydrating the skin not only by moisturising but drinking plenty of water can help. A dehydrated skin can cause fine lines and frown lines to appear more prominent.

I discovered Environ frown serum about a year ago and I admit I was sceptical at first, nick named no-tox the promise of no frown lines with just the use of a serum seemed to good to be true. Have a look at my before and after photographs, this was after using the product for 12 weeks. I didn’t notice the improvement as I was using it and resisted the temptation to take photographs too soon but I was shocked when the 12 week photo was taken and the results speak for themselves.

The product is enriched with a concentration of peptides to help soften and improve the appearance of expression lines. Its priced at £122 which is around the same price as having one treatment of botox but you have enough product to use on the forehead and frown lines so actually it will work out more cost effective and you aren’t having to worry about what you are injecting into your body.

Well worth a try in my opinion.



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