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Weekly Product Review. Environ RAD SPF 15

Weekly Product Review. Environ RAD SPF 15

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I absolutely love the texture  and feel of this on my skin, it feels creamy, yet light enough to wear under make up. RAD SPF15 is a suncream which contains sun filters and reflectors to provide an SPF of 15, it also contains titanium oxide, anti oxidants, beta-carotene, Vitamins A & C to protect against free radicals. Titanium oxide protects against blue light which is said to cause ageing, think of your laptop, mobile phone and the amount of time spent on these devices. I mentioned this to my 14 year old who advised me that there is a blue light filter on his phone which he has switched on, hmmm, its at times like this I feel old.

I am often asked by clients if the SPF of 15 is high enough. The answer is yes, according to a recent article written by IIAA, stockists of Environ skincare and Jane Iredale mineral make up, High SPF’s have a higher concentration of potentially harmful chemicals, scientists do not recommend anything higher than an SPF of 15-20 as there is a greater concentration of sunscreen agents which can turn into free radicals with exposure to UV rays. For example an SPF 30 does not block twice the amount of rays of SPF15 , it blocks 97% whereas SPF 15 blocks 93%, a difference of just 4% but a greater number of harmful chemicals.

RAD SPF15 retails at £19.95




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