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My skincare routine

My skincare routine

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Its a bit of a myth that beauty therapists are pampered and preened, quite the contrary, its difficult to fit in our own treatments at times especially when we are so busy in the salon. Quite often we resort to a bit of DIY, I’m often found sitting on my bathroom floor waxing my legs or painting my toenails.

Creating a simple skincare routine need not take up all your time. Heres what I do?

My regime consists mainly of Environ products of which I am slightly obsessed.

Twice a day I cleanse, tone and moisturise using low foam cleanser, followed by Botanical Infused moisturising toner. I adore the vita-peptide eye gel which not only contains Vitamin A but a combination of peptides to plump up the skin and reduce those fine lines that have crept up on me. The AVST Moisturiser I use is packed full with Vitamin A, its a step up programme to introduce the skin slowing to Vitamin A, starting on AVST 1 and working up to AVST 5, I am currently on AVST 3. In addition to the basics I use a product called avance moisturiser, this is essentially in place of a serum and is great for hydration and anti ageing.

Two or three evenings a week I love using the Revival Masque, lovingly nicknamed “facelift” in a box, your skin feels so lovely the next morning. If like me you have reached level 3 of the moisturiser you can add in rollering. This is safe to use at home and enhances penetration of the products.

My treat to myself is to book myself in for a treatment once a month. In most cases I manage it.

The Environ Advanced Collagen Power Facial is my favourite, my skin instantly looks better, this peptide-packed facial helps to boost collagen, soften fine lines and tightens lax skin, resulting in a more youthful appearance. Ideal for targeting mature or photo- damaged complexions.

The Environ facial treatment works by using gentle sound waves to drive a special nutrient-packed serum deep into the lower layers of the skin. The skin appears plumper and more radiant. 

The image I have attached to this blog ,is a before and after photograph of myself after using Environ frown serum for 12 weeks ( no need for Botox after all)

Body Scrubs

I love a good body scrub, I had an amazing treatment when on holiday in Thailand last year and have been a scrub addict ever since. We recently introduced the Thalgo body range to the salon, the Merveille Artique salt body scrub is an excellent exfoliator and smells divine. You can of course have this done in the salon for you but if like me, time is an issue the scrub is easy to use at home and will give your skin a fantastic polish, leaving it feeling silky smooth.

For a real treat I can’t recommend highly enough the Thalgo body rituals. The Rituals are inspired to create a stunning sensory experience inspired by the culture of Nordic treatments. More than just a treatment… a new experience of well being in three steps: 1. Hot 2. Cold 3. Relaxation

Following a full body exfoliation,  this massage aptly combines Swedish Massage and Deep Tissue Massage techniques. Relaxing Massage Balls are used to relieve tension, remove stress, harmonise/balance the body push the limits of your senses! Its target: to relax muscle tensions, aching and stiffness for sportswomen and men or sedentary-related tensions, stress and overall fatigue. 

Here at Beauty Haven we are delighted to help you decide on treatments and/or products that we have all tried and tested.




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