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WAX MY BODY : wax your way around my body

WAX MY BODY : wax your way around my body

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When it comes to hair removal we all want fuzz free results that last!!

Hair removal is one of the most tedious aspects of personal grooming, along side false tanning (I am fair skinned with that lovely blue tint, you see) Hair removal is time consuming, messy and lets be honest can be painful.

Over the years working as a therapist I have treated women of all ages, different skin types, hair type and skin concerns all wanting hair removal from various parts of their body. Who hasn’t had the tweezers in their hands trying to shape their brows, stating “only a few” to look in the mirror in horror as bald patches are evident wondering ” how on earth did that happen?” Or the lovely aroma of the hair removal cream on their bikini line walking like John Wayne when the unexpected phone call comes through or of course you need something from the other room. Or even the razor especially the men’s, the ones adverts promote  to give you that really close shave  leaving  you with baby soft skin, yes I  am guilty also. Only to emerge with nicks and cuts as skin has been removed from our shins and backs of knees because we didn’t prep correctly!  It certainly not the look we were wanting to achieve and I don’t think it’s going to take off.

Martin Luther once said “The hair is the richest ornament of women”

How true this is regarding our hair that crowns our lovely heads, but hold on not so true for the hair on many, if not every other part of our bodies. As women and nowadays (and rightly so) men we are subjected to the appearance of the rich and famous and torn with our own appearance. Any wonder we are left standing with those tweezers, tube of hair removal  cream or that razor, but when using these methods the removal takes place only at the surface level rather than deep down at the root. Whereas with waxing it removes hair directly from the root with no need to think about the hair growth for 3-6 weeks HOORAY!  I know what I opt for.


Well shaped brows can completely change your look, although I need a tint to go along side that with my fair brows God graced me with. Brows show off your eyes and polish your look off. Its quick yet so effective.


Excess hair in women is a lot more common than you might think. Approximately one in every three experiences hirsutism. Hirsutism is the medical name for excessive hair growth in woman on areas of the body where hair doesn’t normally grow. Waxing is very convenient, cost effective when compared to other methods such as laser with the results of clean smooth skin, no hair at all remaining and the down time is short.


It is one of the most sensitive little spots that requires a lot of upkeep, especially in the summer. Many people may cringe at the thought of wax being applied here (that’s the nice part) but with crucial benefits,and honestly it is quick, by the time you have yourself worked up its over. We all know with shaving, firstly its so ackward to do yourself and it seems that we have only put the razor down and we can see those hairs trying to respout,  with waxing typical regrowth 2/8 weeks depending on your hair’s natural cycle. The benefit of the ouch factor,the hair is removed from root leaving no more shadowy patches, so with that I have the confidence now in my summer tops not fretting about regrowth, 5 o’clock shadows and razor burn.


Bikini waxing definitely has it’s advantages , believe me if it didn’t I for  one wouldn’t brave the pain factor . There are a few things you can do to prepare yourself and make the experience more comfortable, if that’s the right word. Avoid waxing within a week before your period, as you are extra sensitive to pain. Aim to have it done a week or two after, when your pain threshold is higher. Take a pain relief (any one of the brands)  it makes a difference in reducing the feeling of pain, I have sampled with and without and I state with confidence it works, might be the placebo effect, I don’t care, so remember  30 mins before your waxing appointment. Aside from instant results waxing takes less time and money compared to  permanent  treatments like electrolysis and laser. After years of embracing the standard bikini line wax, we now have the added complications of Californian, . Brazilian and Hollywood, what are they?? Big question which one should I opt for?

Californian: Is one of the most popular choices and is the least painful. popular for many before holidays or regular swimmers without the worry of those stray “spider legs” appearing when you get out of the pool, we’ve all had that uncomfortable moment.

Brazilian: Now we are going much further into the bikini line, it will leave a thin strip of hair. You can experiment with how thin you would like that strip, we do get braver.

Hollywood: Bare, yes in that, I mean everything off, from every nook and cranny that’s a Hollywood. It is definetly not for the faint hearted but remember it is only temporary pain and the effects are worth it.


In warmer months 73% of women remove leg hair at least three times a week, (time consuming and annoying). The great plus with waxing is it can removes large amounts of hair at one time and with that it’s long lasting, voile sorted. The only drawback from waxing may be ingrown hairs and red bumps this is more likely to occur when waxing areas with thick hairs especially the first few times. A great product to help with this is INGROW GROW £ 10.95 available at Beauty Haven.


Waxing for men is on the increase, I can understand it may not be a topic conversation at the local pub with the lads but as a therapist it is certainly a treatment that is growing in popularity. Guys no pain, no gain and the results are well worth it, please bear in mind as your back and chest are particularly prone to irritation wear loose fitting clothes, refrain from touching and avoid heat treatments, including the gym for 24-48hours. As my husband can tell you after his 1st waxing experience and hitting the gym caused a flare up with a bout of rashes, In his words  ” sweating is to be avoided at all cost, cancels out the purpose altogether”.

Lets embrace grooming, its part of our everyday lives!!

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