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Electrolysis Vs Laser Hair Removal

Electrolysis Vs Laser Hair Removal

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Armed with the knowledge that waxing, threading, shaving and plucking to name a few are only temporary hair removal methods, we are now left with the dilemma of electrolysis vs laser for the more permanent option.

Hair growth is natural but some people will grow more hair than others due to genetics, age or hormonal imbalance, and certainly using any of the above methods as a temporary solution has the benefit of being instant. Yet for clients that are fed up ( myself included) with the constant battle of removing unwanted hair, thankfully treatments such as electrolysis and laser are on hand as effective more permanent hair removal.


Electrolysis uses a sterile disposable needle which carries an electric current to travel down the hair shaft to the root of the hair for that instant removal. For anyone thinking in horror ” A needle??”  it is so fine it’s hardly visable and no, you won’t  feel  the insertion as it is entering into the open hair follicle, panic over! Once the needle is correctly inserted the therapist will release the current with a button which travels down to the root, cauterizes the blood supply in allowing the release of that troublesome hair. The therapist will need the aid of tweezers to hold the hair so it can glide out. More so, electrolysis doesn’t just remove the hair – it destroys the hair follicle that produces the hair , after a series of treatments complete destruction of the hair follicle ensures that no hair can be produced from it again.

With treating each individual hair there is a drawback it can be a lenghtly process which each client must take into consideration. As we are working very closely in a concentrated area, the time has to be limited due to the clients skin sensitively, the least time being 0-10 minutes with the longest time being 30 minutes. With this being a factor you do find electrolysis is more commonly carried out on facial hair as it is ideal for individual coarse hairs, rather than large areas such as the legs.

Pain, I can hear you ask, well that depends on a few factors. Firstly no pain is caused by the insertion of needle, it is the current that clients will feel and it resembles a slight sting sensation, nothing unbearable I assure you. The intensity of the current you will feel hugely depends on the strength and resistance of hair. The coarser the hair is, the higher the current needs to be; between the client’s pain threshold, skin sensitivity and resistance of hair, the therapist will adapt a treatment plan.

A major plus side of electrolysis as your choice of permanent hair removal, is that it can treat all skin types and hair colour  whereas with laser hair removal treatments, the clients see better results if they have pale skin with dark hair. Recovery time is quick with localized reddening for a few hours after treatment depending on the skins sensitivity.

Take into account  the process of electrolysis is using an electric current, so clients with pacemakers would be contra indicated as would diabetics due to their skin healing very slowly. Metal plates and pins are also contra indicated but with a detailed consultation with your therapist all contra indications  and concerns would be out lined and explained.

LASER/IPL Hair Removal

Laser hair removal has come a long way since it was first introduced to the world of beauty in the mid 90s.At Beauty Haven we use the Ellipse Intense pulse Light (IPL) with this laser system it filters the light from the flash lamp to ensure that only the correct wavelengths reach your skin safely. The pigment in your hair absorbs the light and then converts it to heat ( very high tech), it is the heat that destroys the hair follicle. So, similar to electrolysis but less time consuming for working on larger areas like legs . Depending on the area its being carried out, treatment time will vary, for example upper lip can be completed in around 10 minutes, whereas both legs could take 1-2 hours. Unlike electrolysis the hair will not be removed that day, in between each session you will have a fall out phase, normally 1-3 weeks after a treatment. Then a couple of weeks later the hair will start to grow again, yet a lot smoother and finer with a 20% reduction each time. With laser it’s more of a short sharp heat sensation that is quite mild in comparison to the sting of electrolysis, again everyone’s pain threshold varies. Due to laser treatments having more contact in general with the skin we recommend clients avoid heat treatments including hot baths, saunas and steam rooms for 24-48 hours. You MUST  avoid the sun and sunbeds for a minimum of 30 days before and after treatments but don’t fret ladies fake tanning products can be used either side of a treatment just ensure its all scrubbed off before the next session, the laser can’t tell if the tan is false or not and will still be drawn to the pigment!!

In between each treatment no waxing, bleaching (can make hairs coarser), threading or plucking is allowed, the hairs can only be shaved.



The key here is to get advice on what will work best for you, your skin type and hair colour. Our lifestyles , needs and especially time are all so different, so the right treatment for your friend or relative might not be the right one for you. Get some professional advice, book a consultation to  discuss your options to help you determine which permanent hair removal is best suited to YOU.






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