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7 Illnesses a Hot Stone Massage Can Help

7 Illnesses a Hot Stone Massage Can Help

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Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone therapy is an exciting massage treatment sweeping the country where basalt stones are heated and applied to the body providing a highly relaxing, stress reducing massage. The treatment promises to truly harmonise, restore and invigorate the body at its deepest level. The treatment incorporates traditional touch techniques in addition to the placement of the hot stones. Maximum pampering and indulgence is experienced as the heat generated from the stones infiltrates deeply through any aching or tense muscles providing a result that human touch alone cannot achieve.

So anyone who has ever had the pleasure of a hot stone massage knows the intense feeling of relaxation it leaves you with, but in addition to that the many benefits are medicinal.

Here are 7 medicinal benefits that Hot Stone Therapy will aid


I am sure I am not alone in saying that on occasions I myself have experienced those long nights when you just cannot switch off and get to sleep! Just how difficult is it to function after one of those nights? There are 2 types of insomnia and this particular one is classed as Primary. In more severe cases sufferers may have sleep problems due to a health condition such as asthma, depression, cancer, pain or medication that has been taken and this is classed as Secondly Insomnia. With hot stone massage it has shown great success in helping, with the warmth of the stones leaving you in a calm and relaxed state which in turn will enable less trouble falling asleep. It will also help your mind to be as relaxed as possible to aid in sleep duration and to begin the next day full of energy.


Fibromyalgia is a long term condition that can cause pain all over the body it is frequently associated with depression and stress. Hot stone massage can help reduce stress, help relieve the pain, decrease the feelings of anxiety and aid in general overall well being – all of which is great to ease the symptoms for people with fibromyalgia. Out of all the different massage techniques hot stone therapy has been found to work best on people with fibromyalgia as the heat application of the stones promote circulation and clear the body of build up of toxins within the muscles.


We all go through spells of feeling down or being so fed up with the build up of every day things getting on top of us, but when you are depressed you can feel like that  for weeks or even months.

Depression is a genuine health condition, a real illness with, guess what real symptoms. I am not stating that hot stone therapy is your cure but what I will support is, it can aid and help those symptoms of  anxiety, constant tiredness, sleeping badly and various aches and pains.


MS is an autoimmune disease, an abnormal response of the body’s immune system. The cause of  MS is still unknown, however it is suspected to be a result of genetics, environment or perhaps a virus. Massage is important for maintaining flexibility and decreasing the tone in tight muscles which will help prevent stiffness in the joints. Stress (again) is one of the triggers of  an MS flare up and massage is one of the best ways to reduce stress. Regular massage is indicated for treating the symptoms of MS.


In the UK around 10 million people have arthritis, affecting people of all ages including children. The connection between arthritis and massage is the arthritis relief.

“Last month I had a sore big toe, sore to the point I couldn’t put pressure on it at all, I was truly miserable. As each day passed so did every-ones patience and when the sympathy ran out I ran to the doctors to be diagnosed with Gout.” I can only touch the slight surface on the discomfort and pain that arthritis suffer daily. Hot stone massage unfortunately will not take away your arthritis but what it can do is give relief which can give you pain free days and greater flexibility.


Now poor circulation isn’t a condition in itself but can be a result from other several other health issues. There are several conditions such as obesity, diabetes, heart conditions and arterial issues that can lead to poor circulation. In the case of diabetes, a patients blood sugars are not the only thing that is affected, poor circulation is another and will cause discomfort, pain and cramping in calves, thighs and buttocks. As with any medical conditions it is very important that the client, along with their consultant are monitoring their medication, diet, exercise and stress levels. As results have shown massage releases endorphins which calm the nervous system and this in turn reduces the stress hormones.


I have ended on one that we can all relate to, STRESS. No one can avoid stress from entering their bodies during their life time. Stress is the Number one root cause of alot of diseases, stress from work, home, lifestyle or daily tasks. The result is the same through health problems. I can remember my training and one of the teachers whom is very spiritual, emphasising the importance of protecting ones self with an invisible bubble to protect yourself from the stress from negative energy. I know that in every day life we can’t live in a bubble nor can we ran away and therefore the only way to deal with the stresses and strains is to manage them efficiently.

So please be kind to yourselves, take the time every once in awhile and relax your mind and body. Release the stress that our bodies hold on to and have a hot stone therapy massage.


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