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Top treatments for the new year

Following the Christmas rush there is no better time than the start of a new year to indulge in a little pampering and give your beauty regime an update. January is when many of us start to feel sluggish and quite simply not our best.

Our top beauty recommendations for the New Year.


Not that I personally need an excuse to  indulge myself with a facial as I feel you definitely gain on oh so many levels…. Your skin for starters, afterwards it feels so polished, clean, soft and treated with the care and attention day to day life just does not enable us the time to do. Then you gain from the relaxation of the facial, for those of you whom haven’t had the pleasure of one yet imagine…. the candle lit treatment room, the soothing music playing softly in the background, the heated treatment couch, the soft comforting towels touching your skin and the warmth and expertise of the therapists hands and that’s before your skins been treated. Then another extra I certainly benefit from is the escape, you are wrapped up mentally in a comforting cocoon that your mind has no choice but to switch off!!

With the harsh winds and chilly temperatures we endure in November and December by the time the month January comes round these factors have played havoc with our skin. Even when you think you are protected indoors, the central heating blasting plays a major part in the dehydration of our skin, therefore facials are the perfect way to deeply nourish, treat, moisturize and replenish whilst removing the surface dead skin to treat and condition the new skin underneath to reveal a more radiant looking you! Also don’t forget the added benefits you will receive from switching off and relaxing your body and mind.

At Beauty Haven we also have a number of cosmetic facial treatments including skin peels to reveal a “glowing younger looking skin” With the MESOPEEL you get visible immediate results, it will purify and oxygenate the skin leaving it free of impurities whilst improving the texture of the skin and will address the effects of the skin aging.


At the end of the year, one thing is for certain…. you’ve got much tension to release! With a massage it wont just relax your muscles but will also rid you of those stress hormones and leave you in a state of total relaxation. Who doesn’t need to unwind after the festive season?? Don’t get me wrong I really enjoy Christmas itself…. time with family and close friends but the whole heighten build up to it certainly leaves me feeling as if my mind ( actually the whole of ME) has been put in a very fast spin cycle!! So for me I really felt that Massage had to be  in the top treatments to receive in the new year, especially a HOT STONE BODY MASSAGE which is unbelievably good, with the aid of the hot stones to warm the muscles which relaxes them further and also they penetrate deeper into the muscles to relieve more of the built up lactic acid to relieve you of a lot more tension. So with the “Oh’s and Ah’s” isn’t it pretty obvious why this beauty treatment made the list as its more relaxing than a nap, it works all the tension from your body and it feels amazing.


As women we are wonderful at forcing our feet into some pretty uncomfortable shoes, which torture our toes or heels in the process of vanity, but maybe what we are not so good at yet is the treat to our feet in the treatment of a pedicure. I have relations that live in America and it seems like every time I look on Facebook they are checking themselves into some nail bar for a mani/pedi, we really should follow there lead as our poor feet take some abuse daily, and I know even if my feet are not on show if I slip off my footwear and see my pretty painted toes flash at me it makes ME happy! The added benefit of a Pedicure is the exfoliation of dead skin for the new skin to be massaged with nourishing, soothing cream and cuticle’s pushed back and tidied up with  the reshaping of nails to leave you feeling literally like you are walking on air, you would be surprised at how much tension our feet carry!!


Power Brows are very important you guys!!

Most of us don’t spend too much time thinking about our eyebrows, yes they are up there doing their thing and occasionally we may pluck them to keep them in check, yet its common knowledge that eyes are the windows to the soul, thus making the eyebrows the  frame of the face. So  put your tweezers down and get your eyebrows professionally shaped and it will lift your face and your spirits no end.


Definitely on my list this year, the last time I had my teeth whitened was before my wedding and that was 8 years ago! So if you want to wash away your coffee and red wine sins (yes,I am guilty) then teeth will be whitened to achieve, and your painted pout will thank you!





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