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Could facial hair be the ultimate beauty taboo?? As nowadays we are really prepared to discuss anything, it seems, from bikini waxes to bedroom issues!! Yet facial hair is a topic kept firmly under wraps.

For us women however, it is a serious problem and unwanted facial hair is a common very frustrating condition that affects up to 40% of us girls and yet we just don’t feel comfortable to talk about it. Why? I hear you ask, well many women will go to great lengths to disguise their unwanted facial hair and even their partner may not realize the problem exists. For some women, the effects of unwanted facial hair can go beyond embarrassment and cause real psychological problems despite this many women are unwilling to visit their GP’s ( it is not just you men that avoid the doctors eh?)

Women have facial hair for all sorts of reasons, it might be they have a problem such as Polycystic ovaries, which encourages hair growth. Testosterone can cause it, or they may have a genetic disposition towards it, whatever the reason there are many treatments available to help with the management of unwanted facial hair.


Warm wax is applied to the area with a spatula, in which then a fabric or cloth strip is placed on top then pulled off in the opposite direction bringing the hair with it.

Advantages  –  The treatment is quick and effective and easy available in salons or can be done at home, although caution should definitely be applied as if the skin is not held taut enough bruising could occur.

Disadvantages  –  Waxing is more suited for fine hair than coarser hair such as that on the chin as the coarse hairs are stronger and more stubborn to remove. It is not ideal for darker skins because waxing can cause discoloration to the skin, regrowth is relatively fast between 2-6 weeks depending on which stage of growth the hair cycle was at, at the time of waxing. A major difficultly regarding facial hair and waxing is that the hairs must be 1/2 cm long before you can re-wax, so a lot of clients struggle with the in-between stage.



Hair removal creams are applied to the face and left for a few minutes before removing, at which point the hair comes away also, it is the chemicals that dissolve the keratin in the hair structure that enables the hairs to come away.

Advantages  –  I am struggling here, but I will say the treatment is cheap and can be applied at home in private and quickly.

Disadvantages  –  The re-growth is rapid you may get a few days, that is if the cream has been able to remove the more stubborn hairs to begin with and please don’t reapply as the skin will be sensitized and could lift quite easily instead. The reason you will find that the re-growth is rapid is due to the hair being dissolved just below the skins surface and the root of the hair has not been removed. As I have mentioned the chemicals in the cream can irritate sensitive skins causing redness, the skin to feel taut and dry. Another downside to depilatory creams is the regrowth is slightly stubbly, and psychologically that certainly doesn’t help in how we already feel about our self.

These two methods that I have mentioned do have a instant result factor, so don’t rule out as contenders, yet I feel the need to mention the pros and cons of these treatments to fully inform you. However the next two treatments are the stronger contenders in which I believe can REALLY help you to manage your unwanted facial hair……



A  wonder treatment, this is the only permanent hair removal treatment to date. Electrolysis is a time tested method that was invented more than  100 years ago to remove irritating ingrown eyelash hairs, this occurs when the eyelash grows in a abnormal way and begins to irritate the eyeball. Electrolysis is the only method of hair removal that can be used in this case as it completely destroys the hair follicle, so  there will be no growth EVER, which is the only way with treating those eyelashes, can you imagine the discomfort of the regrowth against your eyeball. With trials and advances over the years it is not just limited to those painful ingrown eyelashes, it is suitable for all of us that suffer from reoccurring patches of hairs.

How does it work?? How is it possible??

Electrolysis treats each hair follicle with a fine disposable needle, the hairs are given an “electric” shock which cuts the supply of blood and oxygen to the hair follicle killing it. You may need several sessions, but the results are permanent.

Advantages  –  The results are guaranteed, every treated follicle will die and the hair cant grow back. It is more effective than laser or IPL on fair hair as the current is being released in the hair follicle and doesn’t depend on the pigment of the hair to travel down.

Disadvantages  –  It is time consuming as each hair follicle is being treated individually so vast areas like legs can take a considerable amount of time, yet it is great for areas where there is not too much hair ideal for any unwanted  facial hair.



A laser beam or with IPL which is  similar to laser but uses various light wavelengths which reduce the risk of burning is used on the skin, focusing on the area of hair growth. The follicles beneath the skins surface are then destroyed which stops the hair from growing. A course of 6-8 treatments is recommended to ensure the follicles are completely disabled and the hair will not grow again. Skin must be protected from receiving any sun or hyperpigmentation (darker patches of skin) can occur. After a course is completed, hair growth will be permanently reduced and may stop altogether.

Advantages  –  Long term (and in some cases permanent) hair removal that can be used on any area of the face.

Disadvantages  –  It is costly and takes time because there needs to be a four week gap between treatments, don’t panic thinking what about the hairs in between as in between treatments you can shave any remaining hairs.

Some say like with Electrolysis it’s painful yet personally I find the vision of unwanted hair more painful for me.

So please don’t suffer in silence, there is no need, any questions contact                Beauty Haven  02890666628

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