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As my husband would say when he was younger  and getting ready for a night out , it would take him half an hour at the most to get ready, to transform himself from Mr Slob to Mr Cool. All it took was a quick shower and a shave, a dash of aftershave (cool water, if I am correct) , a spray of deodorant and was good to go. For me having a older sister getting any time in the bathroom, never mind the luxury of half an hour was hard, between the shaving, plucking, tanning and then my sister would proceed  into our shared bedroom for the war paint and the deciding outfit for which I was used for as a clothes horse to then watch her prance out the door whilst I tidied up ( OCD I know) .

I have to say male grooming these days is on par with the female grooming routine and if my sister and I were going out on the town ( age caught up I thought it was my turn) yet being the youngest I would have to use some sort of  rota to slot the use of the bathroom between myself, my sister  and our three brothers. These days, men are taking a lot more pride in their appearance and don’t just want to look good, they want to look great!!

Yet I also know living out of the family home and having a family and home of my own just how difficult it can be to get up in the mornings and face my skin care regime! So all men out there reading this, if you are getting up in the morning half an hour late attempting to shave whilst juggling a toothbrush, tie and socks things are going to get messy, and that’s not just regarding your skin care! Now that doesn’t mean the alterative is washing your face with soap and water and then to  run out the door. If so…. it is definitely time to step up your skincare game.

Here would be my top 5 tips



If you can find a moisturizer that contains SPF 30 or higher then you are on your way, it seems simple but this step is still very much overlooked and yet the best thing anyone can do for their skin long term is wearing a daily broad spectrum sunscreen. The sun more than anything else does the most damage to the skin over time, so wearing a SPF daily is the best way to ensure a life time of healthy skin. Men who don’t wear sunscreen increase their risk of getting sun damage, which may result in redness, irritation and extra blood vessels (not the look you were trying to achieve eh?) Stay young, well alright close to it, APPLY that sunscreen every single day.



Dermalogica  ” Clean Bar  £  21.10″  is convenient as you lather it in hands with warm water, work over your face and throat then rinse. The key ingredients are colloidal oatmeal, licorice and allantoin which help to soothe the skin. The lactic acid, oats and vitamin A will smooth the skin and exfoliate whilst the tea tree and lavender extracts help to maintain the bar’s purity during use. So no excuse here guys, here you are with your wash and out the door routine which wont dry or irritate your skin. Even for those of you that are gym lovers it travels easy in a gym or travel bag. Plus it has anti inflammatory agents that help to soothe and condition your skin in preparation for a closer shave with the benefits of minimized irritation so definitely no excuse with this gem of a product.



According to surveys most men shave 5 times a week, (credit to you, how do you do it??) A good quality razor can last a lifetime, so choose your weapon of choice wisely. Choose a razor that fits your skins sensitivity and beard coarseness and I promise your face will thank you. Always shave in the same direction as the hair grows as no matter how often razor is placed to skin, shaving is a bit of a hazard, it can cause irritation, sensitivity, redness, razor bumps and ingrown hairs often due to ingredients either over drying the skin or stripping the skin of moisture. So invest in a good razor your skin deserves it!



One of the very first places we start to notice the signs of aging is around the eyes, and they say they are the windows to our souls…. The skin around our eyes is super soft and finer than an egg shell, the skin here also lacks in both sweat and oil glands making that area highly susceptible to dehydration which can and will show itself as fine lines and wrinkles, and unfortunately this is the very place that men tend to neglect and those innocent little expression lines tend to grow into unsightly wrinkles quickly. PANIC NOT BUT REACT DO! What to do… pick up a hydrating eye cream Dermalogica Intensive Eye Repair £38.90. After cleansing, gently  apply a pea size amount  to the eye area blending inward from the outer corner. The key ingredients are Cucumber, Butcherbroom and Arnica Montana which are soothing extracts that will help maintain the skin’s elasticity and the skins texture. There is Pro-Vitamin B5 and Vitamin A which help repair prematurely aging skin, The Vitamin C, Vitamin E , grape seed and Green Tea help defend skin against free  radicals. All this put together makes for one wonderful product which will help repair signs of aging and defend against further damage, rehydrate the skin and soothe the skin in aiding it to repair and restore the skins suppleness.



Be sure to get your eight glasses a day!!

The single biggest impact – the more water you drink, the healthier your skin is going to be.

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