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Just out of bed, coffee on…

Now, How happy do you want to be today?  It’s your choice.

 Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking. Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor

Just say no. Eliminate activities that aren’t necessary and that you don’t enjoy. you’re feeling stressed and don’t need to.( Need some stress relief, try our back and Tension Massage)

Hum along. Music soothes, studies have found music activates parts of the brain that produce happiness.

Laugh out loud. Just anticipating a happy, funny event can raise levels of endorphins and other pleasure-inducing hormones and lower production of stress hormones.

Practice mindfulness. Be in the moment. Instead of worrying about tomorrow while you are with your family and friends focus on the  present — the food, the company, the conversation.

Take the dog for a walk. There are numerous studies that attest to the stress-relieving benefits of pets. (No dog! Chill out with our Indian Head Massage)

Visit a quiet place. Libraries, museums, gardens, find a secret haven just for yourself, (Maybe Beauty Haven could be your secret Haven!!, our professional staff will look after your every need)

Count your blessings. Pause each day to reflect on some positive aspect of your life .

Realize that anything is worth doing even badly! Challenge and novelty are key to happiness. New projects will give you a powerful sense of satisfaction. (Try a treatment you haven’t had before, Acid Facial, Reflexology or an Indonesian Massage)

Sleep well. Don’t neglect sleep. A good night’s sleep can have a noticeable effect on your mood.

Do more of whatever it is you like doing. Do more of the things that you enjoy doing, particularly those things that involve something creative,  productive or sociable and provide some sense of connection or accomplishment. (Try Beauty Haven for a Prescriptive Facial)

Smile. Science suggests that when you smile, whether you’re happy or not, your mood is elevated. So smile all the time if you can! Smiling reinforces happiness, just as happiness causes smiling.

Be compassionate. Compassion is all about doing something kind for someone in need,. A brain-imaging study revealed that people gain as much happiness from watching others give to charity as they do receiving money themselves.( Treat someone you love to a Beauty Haven Gift Voucher)

Treat your body like it deserves to be happy. Researchers have found that exercise, healthy diets, and regular sleep are key factors in growing more happy.

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