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Infertility is only considered after a couple are unable to conceive after a year of unprotected inter course. The cause may lie with either man or women, yet most infertility falls into unexplained category. Many couples experience fertility problems which may be a result of ovulation problems, sperm quality or sperm count, clotting disorders and many many more.

I can understand that getting pregnant can be both extremely stressful and expensive with private medicine only being available to those that have the means to afford it. With 1 in 3 couples experiencing difficulties in conceiving, reflexology can work in a number of ways to enhance fertility. Thousands of women trying to become pregnant may find the answer at their feet, literally in reflexology.

Reflexology is the ancient healing therapy which is all about achieving balance, reflexologists believe it to be effective at balancing hormones, increasing circulation and helping the body get rid of toxins. It is a very relaxing therapy that promotes a sense of health and well being. It is widely acknowledged that before a couple conceive they should try to get in the best mental and physical state they can, reflexology is an holistic therapy that aims to balance the mind, body and spirit.

How Reflexology Can Help Fertility

* Clients with Polycystic ovaries

* Clients with any Cervical problems

* Scar tissues

* Pelvic inflammation

* Pre-menstrual

* Hormonal imbalances

* Blocked or damaged fallopian tubes

* Any stress related problems

* Menstrual problems

Concerning matters like above, a trained reflexologist uses a technique of applying gentle pressure to reflex areas on the hands and feet to bring about a state of relaxation and stimulate your body’s own healing process. The wonderful thing about reflexology is that it is natural and can boost the immune system which in turn creates a stronger body and calmer mind. It has been acknowledged that 75% of all illness is linked to stress of some kind and this is what the therapist will seek to target.

So here are 3 reasons why I personally would recommend reflexology

1  –  Rebalancing the body

Reflexology works by stimulating the reflex points on the feet that correspond to different parts of the body, by stimulating these reflexes the therapist is clearing any blockages and removing toxins that you body is holding on to. During a treatment, over 7,000 nerve endings in the feet are worked on which creates a overall feeling of well being.  Trained reflexologists will not just work on the obvious reflexes, they will treat the supporting systems , for example, it is a given to work on areas relating to the reproductive system but it is also important to work on the nervous system as  this supports the body in creating the right environment for conception.

Here are some benefits of  reflexology :

* Relieves the effect of stress

* Improves and supports the immune system

* Relieves pain

* Clears the body of toxins

* Improves digestion

* Eliminates waste from the body

* Promotes relaxation

* Boost circulation

* Assists the body to heal any current disorders


2  –  Total Relaxation

An hour long session is like Heaven on Earth! When do we really take an hour out of our busy day just to be still, be in the present??

I can honestly say reflexology is one of the most relaxing and powerful treatments, don’t get me wrong I love having massages they are fantastic, and a Hot Stone massage, well they are on another level again, but reflexology is in another league entirely. The difference is that the benefits are multi dimensional and they last. I for one wouldn’t thank you for a pedicure, as I have extremely sensitive feet, I can remember during my training days when we had to pair up to practice a treatment, the girls training on myself were literally dodging flying feet! So when suggested I try out Reflexology I could feel my feet tingle in horror, how wrong I was…… No seriously the therapist uses a massage and pressure point technique, to my relief and great benefit, no itsy bitsy movements to send me climbing walls.

What I experienced during and after the treatment was that  I was calmer, a feeling of general happiness engulfed me  and a change of perspective, yes the hour to myself certainly would help I understand that a busy working mum of 3 is certainly going to benefit from that, but I have had massages and I have to say this was different, I can only put it down to the fact that energies have been released and created a rebalance on the hormones within myself, not just me, anyone who has regular reflexology treatments and then stops very quickly realizes how much better they felt having the treatments.

3  –  Taking Back The Control

All women who are trying to conceive are at different stages in their journey, yet one thing remains the same for them all, is they are ready for a baby. Now is the time to take positive steps to help themselves, when couples have reached this stage, waiting for doctors appointments, tests and assessments it is so easy to lose sight of one another as their world can so easily revolve around trying to conceive and not enjoying being  a couple.

Receiving reflexology will help relieve stress and give you something else to focus on, it gives you that time to become a couple again, time for each other.

Some couples turn to IVF or other medical treatments when having children becomes difficult, why not try reflexology first??

It has a good success rate and is a completely natural, gentle treatment which is non evasive. Women who have reflexology to aid conception feel more relaxed, more in control and feel they have more perspective on a very stressful process in their lives.






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