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So after I have  diagnosed my husband to have rosacea and armed with extended knowledge on Beauty Havens new “ELLIPISE SIRIUS LASER  machine ( may I add first in Northern Ireland) I had  convinced  himself to stand in as my demonstration model…….. A little dubious regarding his forthcoming treatment, my husband had many questions such as, “Is it going to be sore?”, “What does the light energy feel like ?”, ” Will you know that I have had something done?”, “When can I leave the house after?”

Forgetting how alien this treatment will be to someone outside this field, I realized that clients will have these  similar concerns, so hopefully with a little explanation of how the treatment will work, how your skin will benefit and what you may experience during and after the treatment, will put your mind at rest and let you see that you don’t need to hide behind “green tinted concealer”, you can manage  Rosacea with this treatment.


It is vital that you avoid the following within a 30-60 day period prior to your treatment :-

*Do not sunbathe or use sunbeds

*Avoid Self tanning products

For 7 DAYS prior to treatment

*Do not have electrolysis

*Do not wax

*Do not bleach, nor use depilatory creams

* Do not use anti-inflammatory medications (including aspirin & Ibuprofen)  Aspirin thins the blood and we need the blood vessels to be ripe so that the more apparent they are , the more successful the treatment. If you are taking medication, please seek approval from your GP before proceeding with this treatment.


* Clients will fill out a detailed consultation form in regards to their health, medications etc… Please fill out forms honestly, the consultations forms are put in place to protect you, to ensure that any medication you may be receiving or have received, doesn’t leave you photo sensitive or would be a contra indication to the treatment. Once medical history and skin concerns have been discussed, treatment can proceed.

* The therapist will prepare your skin, with optical coupling gel ( the same gel that is used when having a baby scan), this acts to protect the skin from the heat of the light and to assure optimal transmission of light from the applicator to the skin.

* The therapist and yourself will both wear protective eye googles.

* At this stage we can begin with the treatment, the laser electrode can now be applied to the skin, the electrode is glass  and will feel cold, the therapist will count you in on the release of the energy.

DOES IT HURT??  As the light is absorbed by the hemoglobin,  found within blood,  you will find that  the more high color and pigmented lesions such as hyper pigmentation, solar lentigines  (sun spots) and freckles you will feel more sensation. Most clients describe the sensation as quite moderate almost like the snapping of a rubber band, which only lasts for a short moment.


When performing a full skin rejuvenation treatment, selective thermolysis occurs, the darkest chromophore  will be targeted first i.e.: melanin, followed by diffuse redness. Benefits being any excess melanin in the skin will fade, for example, age spots, pigmentation, freckles, hyper pigmentation (sun damage)

Next level being treated is the blood, therefore diffused redness and management of Rosacea.

Finally and what we all want is the collagen boosted within our skin which in turn has a healing effect, helps plump out fine lines and improves the texture and tone of our skin.


Depending on diet and lifestyle, clients success rate varies, on average I would recommend 3-6 treatments, spaced out every 4 weeks.

After treatment you may experience redness and some swelling which will subside within 12hours, we highly advise clients not to do the following for the next 30-60 days after the treatment:

* Avoid sun exposure or sun beds

* Wear at least sun protection of 30 or higher when outside

The client should avoid the following for at least 24-48hours after the treatment

* No perfumed products or make-up

*No excessive heat : saunas, steam rooms or hot baths

* No swimming or gym

*No touching, picking or scratching the area

*Avoid exfoliation

PLEASE NOTE     Pure Aloe Vera Gel must be used for the next 48 hours after the treatment if any reaction persists.

Any questions please contact BEAUTY HAVEN 02890666628







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