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Is laser / IPL the right choice for you?

Body hair is tolerated by some and dreaded by others, yet its there, a fact of life that men and women worldwide have to deal with on a daily basis.

Hair removal is tedious, time consuming tiresome process for many trying to achieve the hair free body that we are driven by media to be associated with perfection.

Yes, we are blessed with the many options available for tackling unwanted body hair, what with shaving, waxing, threading, epilation and electrolysis, I must say the list could go on and on. Although the list is endless, I myself understand that with all these methods they do come with their own advantages and disadvantages. The problem being with so much to choose from it is often hard to choose the best method of hair removal for YOU!

Laser / Intense pulse light (IPL) hair removal is becoming as a very popular, easy hair removal method and is a great alternative to the traditional method  of removing body hair.

So if you are wondering if laser/IPL is the right choice for you read on and hopefully you will find in this treatment your solution to the end of the tiresome process you have been subjected to before in the quest of unwanted body hair.



IPL or Intense Pulse Light is a broadband of light, the light on entering the skin will only have an effect when it is absorbed and converted into heat.

The light is absorbed by the melanin, which is the pigment found in the hair which gives the hair its color.

When the light is attracted to the melanin the energy is converted into heat, travels down the hair follicle where it will heat the follicle to 70c and ultimately destroy or damage the cells to achieve hair reduction.

Therefore, the hair MUST have color for the IPL hair reduction to be successful.  Yes there are a variety of different IPL treatments which work on different skin and hair color with SIRIUS by ELLIPSE being one of them, yet best results for hair removal are seen on light colored skin with dark thick hair as EUMELANIN is present in hair that is brown, brownish-black or black and actively absorbs the light produced by an Ellipse hair removal applicator, whereas PHEOMELANIN, which is present in blond and red hair, does not absorb the light therefore is not recommended for hair reduction treatment using IPL.



Before deciding to undergo laser hair removal you must determine whether you are a suitable client, clients with black hair will find the treatment most effective due to the large concentration of melanin found in the hair. Which will give an optimal absorption of light energy and convert it into heat. Explaining that clients with blond, white, red and grey hair cannot be treated as effectively due to the lack of melanin found in the hair.

Now darker skinned and naturally tanned individuals can be treated although therapist will determine this and lower the energy to avoid the heat  solely generating on the skin and not into the hair follicle, resulting on an unsatisfying result.

The ideal client to treat is fair skinned with dark hair but the Ellipse system has been programmed treatment suggestions for different hair and pigment types.



All areas of the body and face can be treated, on average clients will require at least 6-8 treatments with 4 -6 week intervals in-between, with possible maintenance session once or twice per year.

Bear in mind clients with excess hair growth due to hormonal influences such as PCOS  can require more sessions due to the hormonal influences as they create more testestone within the body which will produce NEW hair, yet the management off the unwanted hair is successful and brings great comfort and peace of mind for those clients.



For clients who are suitable for treatment the advantages can clearly be seen.

*   Most of the hair follicles can be permanently destroyed although some of the hair follicles can escape due to being either very light in colour (so no pigment at the root of the hair follicle) or thin hairs therefore not good carriers of the energy . That is why we can only state IPL  is permanent hair reduction and not permanent hair removal.

*   A huge advantage, once you have had a successful treatment course with IPL, you don’t need to use any of the other hair removal methods, whereas with temporary hair removal methods like waxing you are only really hair free for a short window of time. Although very occasionally a stray hair may need to be removed.

*   If you are interested in permanent hair reduction, then I am sure you have looked at prices of this treatments and although it is not cheap compared to the costs of continued hair removal such as waxing not to mention the inconvenience and discomfort, it is not long before there is a financial benefit to having had the IPL.


Any questions regarding IPL Intense Pulse Light treatments please don’t hesitate to call us at

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