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Reflexology and your body- how everything is connected

Reflexology and your body- how everything is connected

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Reflexology is a complementary therapy which is based on different points of the feet representing different areas of the body. It can be carried out as a relaxation treatment or can be used to improve the health and wellbeing of a client. Each treatment can be tailored to suit the needs of a client. The general benefits of Reflexology are better sleep pattern, reduce stress levels, improved energy levels and can even help with headaches, migraines and other ailments. Reflexology can be used as an alternative to medication to help ease certain symptoms with a client, although a well trained Reflexologist will not claim to cure, diagnose or prescribe.

Zone therapy which was another term for Reflexology many decades ago was founded by William H Fitzgerald. This consisted of a method of pain relief through applying pressure to certain locations of the inner body. Fitzgerald divided the body into 10 vertical zones, five on each side, which extended from the head to the fingertips and toes, and from back to front. Every aspect of the inner human body appears in one of these 10 zones, and each zone has a reflex area on the hands and feet. Fitzgerald and a colleague demonstrated this by applying pressure on an area of the body which could alleviate pain in a corresponding area. A further discovery was made back in the 1930’s into this claiming that pressure points on the feet were situated in a mirrored image of the corresponding organs of the inner body. This then lead to each hand and foot being divided up into 12 pressure zones to furthermore create the treatment of Reflexology.

Prior to a Reflexology treatment your therapist will go through a consultation to ensure you receive the most out of your treatment. This will include information on any healthcare issues to assess if you have any underlying health problems. A treatment regime will be put in place for the needs of each individual depending on their reason for treatment. During the treatment there may be some areas more sensitive than others and the therapist may also even find what is known as crystals. Crystals are blockages/tension within the Reflex channels. Once the crystals have been broken down or removed energy starts to travel through the channel again to the organ or gland which it is connected to. This gives a great feeling of relief to the client.

Every organ, gland and area of the body can be worked on through reflexology. An example of this is the large toe corresponds the head, which when worked on with the appropriate pressure can alleviate headaches or migraines. The arch of the foot corresponds the spinal region which in some cases can ease tension down the back. The middle of the foot corresponds the inner organs such as the Liver and stomach. The areas of the body are split into two categories, the solid organs and the hollow organs. The solid organs are the Liver, brain, spleen pancreas and glands such as the thyroid, adrenals, ovaries and testis. These areas usually require more pressure to ease any tension. The hollow organs are the lungs, stomach, bladder and gall bladder which usually require less pressure.

Post treatment it is vital to drink at least 2 litres of water daily to flush out the toxins. You may feel relaxed, sleep better and even pain free from certain ailments that you may have been experiencing prior to treatment. It is important to record how you feel after your sessions and report this back to your therapist as it could influence how you feel during and after your next session.

Reflexology could be the answer to your problems, whether it is increased stress levels, headaches or digestive problems, why not come to Beauty Haven and see how good you feel after a session. To book either call the salon on 02890 666628 or use our online booking system 24/7 at www.beautyhavenbelfast.com

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