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How to decide on the right time for your electrolysis treatment

How to decide on the right time for your electrolysis treatment

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Electrolysis is a permanent hair removal method which uses a needle with electric current to travel down the hair shaft to the root for instant removal. Electrolysis is great for individual, coarse hairs as only one hair can be removed at a time. Multiple sessions may be required to reduce the hair growth. A session is booked in for a time period depending on how long each person requires. The least time for the treatment is 0-10 minutes with the longest time being 30 minutes a session. This can vary from clinic to clinic. The treatment is usually carried out on facial areas such as upper lip and chin. It may also be carried out on areas with individual hairs such as the breasts, feet or abdomen.

A frequently asked question within the beauty industry is ‘which hair removal method should I go for?’  With Laser, waxing and electrolysis on the market, it can be challenging for a client to know which one would work best for their needs. Laser is most effective for a large area of dark, coarse hair which can be stubborn to remove. Waxing is great for any type of hair for quick removal. It is an alternative to laser for people who do not have the best hair colour or skin type although it could take years for the hair to reduce. Electrolysis is perfect for smaller areas where hairs are scattered for individual removal.

If someone has finished a course of Laser hair removal but are left with patches of fair hairs which laser cannot remove, electrolysis would be the most effective treatment to permanently remove these. If you are having electrolysis treatments it is best to let the hairs grown in between your sessions rather than plucking or shaving. Trimming of the hairs with scissors can be done if necessary but it is best if you find the hairs growing back, to have another session. If you remove the hairs yourself between sessions, when it comes to the electrolysis treatment, removal could be more difficult meaning the machine may need a higher energy, resulting in the treatment being more painful. The hairs do need a bit of growth visible on the skin as tweezers are used to lift the hair once the current has been used.

Initially post an electrolysis treatment the skin can be red, a little bumpy or blotchy. These are normal side effects which should disappear within 24 hours post treatment. It is advisable not to have an event planned within this time to give the skin a chance to heal. Makeup tends to block the pores of your skin and could have irritant ingredients so it is best to avoid this also. If you are going on a sun holiday it is advisable to have your last session a couple of days prior to this as you should avoid sun exposure for at least 24 hours.

If you are a new client to electrolysis we would recommend a consultation prior to treatment to ensure this is the most suitable treatment for your concerns. During the consultation we require your medical history as there are some contraindications which would affect commencing treatment. Occasionally this may mean you are not be suitable for Electrolysis or we may need to wait a certain length of time before starting treatment. Pace makers, Epilepsy and blood disorders would result in no treatment allowed whereas sunburn or recent scar tissue would need time to heal prior to treatment. If your medical history is fine, we would trial a treatment of 0-10 minutes to check how you get on and how the skin reacts to treatment. The therapist would then be able to recommend a treatment programme which is best suited for your needs. How often treatment is needed, the length of time for your treatment and advice on what you should and shouldn’t do prior and post treatment will be included in your consultation.

 If you are interested in having an Electrolysis treatment, either book online 24/7 at www.beautyhavenbelfast.com or phone the salon on 02890 666628

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