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Our top 5 tips for a healthy complexion

Our top 5 tips for a healthy complexion

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Hands up who wants to have a healthy glowing complexion? Of course everyone does! A recent survey poll revealed 40% of people are unhappy with their over-all appearance and in particular their skin. So how can we achieve healthy glowing skin that makes us happy to look in the mirror, and its not just the skin on our face but also our body. Our skin which is the largest organ in our body, is our early warning sign that something is amiss within. Lets take a holistic approach and look at the whole way we treat our bodies and ourselves.

  1. Healthy Eating

There’s that old saying “you are what you eat”. Food is the fuel for our bodies, if we feed and nourish ourselves with the correct ingredients the results will be almost instant.

To obtain a healthy cell function, choose foods that will promote this like fish, eggs, avocado, nuts and seeds. Brazil nuts are rich in selenium which will increase skin elasticity. Walnuts are packed with omega 3 fatty acids to assist with lowering inflammation and stop breakouts. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, the more brightly coloured the better for you. Citrus fruits which contain high water content will keep you hydrated along with drinking plenty of water. There was a television programme on recently which was comparing the price of bottled water brands. The most expensive bottled water against the cheapest form of water being tap water and they found the difference in mineral composition was negligible. Their top tip was to fill a bottle of water from the tap and leave the lid off to allow the chloride to evaporate. A top saving worth trying. Cutting down on tea and coffee can benefit the digestion and liver function which aids in detoxifying the body. If you cannot do without your caffeine fix, then cut back on adding sugar or avoid that sweet treat. Sugar has a big impact on the body and if used in excess will cause the skin to become inflamed or even congested. Cut back on diary products as the hormones they contain stimulate the oil glands and pores which can lead to acne.

  1. Sleep, Rest & Relaxtion

Tests have proved that not getting enough sleep is detrimental to our well being and is a huge factor in mental health issues. Lack of sleep will show immediately on your face, especially around the eyes, as dark circles will appear and we generally feel in a negative mood. Take time to rest and relax before bedtime, a nice soak in the bath, candles and soft music is an excellent way of switching off. Adding scented bath oils can be very therapeutic.

  1. Exercise

“If you don’t use it, you lose it” A saying which has been around for years. Muscles need to move on a daily basis to function at optimum capacity. Exercise increases circulation keeping our bodies warm and releases all those lovely feel good hormones. We are not all gym bunnies so a bit of gardening, walking the dog or even housework can be a great workout and cheaper than membership fees. Sometimes you may be exercising without even realising it.

   4. Cleanse Makeup Brushes

At first this might sound a obvious but a survey discovered 72% of women don’t clean their makeup brushes regularly . Bacteria gathers quickly and will lead to breakouts. Wash foundation brushes or sponges once a week and powder brushes every fortnight. Also regularly replacing makeup is advisable to ensure the product is not out of date and is kept in a clean, good condition.

  1. Skincare products

Last but not least using the correct skincare products for your skin is vital to achieve that healthy complexion. The importance of getting this correct will eliminate the bad skin day. Lots of skincare products irritate the skin and can strip the natural oils, leaving skin dry, red and blotchy. You are worth it and its worth investing in a skin analysis consultation and let the experts advise which products are right for your skin. Beauty Haven excel in this field with our skin specialists having a wealth of knowledge on skin and products.

We are hosting a skin analysis event on the 7th December to launch our new skincare range, Environ. If you are interested in attending please give us a call.


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