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My evening pamper essentials.

My evening pamper essentials.

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My solution to coping with the January blues is to pamper myself and spend an evening with my favourite luxury items. What could be better than a long soak in the bath followed by a DIY facial, throw in a glass of fizz and your fav TV show, sounds like the perfect evening. Pamper nights don’t have to be a Friday night, if you’ve had a bad day, head home, stick the kettle on or pop a bottle of prosecco in the fridge and get your pamper evening started.

  1. Light a candle – We sell a range of candles from the Keltic candle range, these candles are 100% soy that are clean burning and never go black around the rim or blackened your walls, they are also made in Belfast. There are so many scents to choose from, Rhubarb and black plum is one of my favourites. If you are having an evening of pampering, filling the house with a lovely scent is a great way to help you relax.
  2. Run a bath – We are often so busy looking after the skin on our faces that we forget the skin on our bodies, its important to exfoliate the body once or twice a week to get rid of dead skin cells. There are many on the market to choose form, the Thalgo spa salt flake scrub ( £40)  smells fantastic and leaves the skin feeling silky smooth, the shower foam from the Thalgo range  (Merveille Artique £24 )  is a little indulgent but if you are not a lover of baths  and prefer a quick shower, you will fall in love with this shower foam. The scents from these products will leave you feeling like you have just left the spa.
  3.  Give yourself a facial. I must say I am spoilt for choice when it comes to facial products, I am a massive fan of the Environ range. Having introduced the range to our salon range last year the results I have seen both on my own skin and on many of our clients have been amazing. Our top selling products are the vita peptide eye gel, revival masque, avance and frown serums and of course the AVST moisturisers which contain Vitamin A. All of these can be used to perform a DIY facial. The revival masque in particular will brighten your skin instantly, its known in the industry as ‘facelift in  a jar’ and it really doesn’t disappoint. Once your skin has become acclimatised to the range the revival masque can be left on overnight. It is important before purchasing any of these products that you have had a consultation to ensure you are using the correct products as some clients may be contraindicated to Vitamin A.
  4. Netflix and Nails – doesn’t need any explanation really. Having nicely polished toenails just lifts your mood.
  5. If you have followed these steps its likely you’ll feel ready for bed, reading before bed rather than looking at a screen will help you sleep and is much better for your wellbeing. Your emails will wait until the morning.

Having a day or night to yourself is good for the mind, so set aside some me time as often as you can, be your own best friend and be good to yourself.


Beauty is when you appreciate yourself. When you love yourself, thats when you’re most beautiful – Zoe Kravitz.


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